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Unfortunately, that's not an option for our current chat room, Lablady.  Although I'm seeing a "Clear Chat History" link when you scroll all the way up to the top of the chat conversation box. Not sure whether that option is available for all members or just for me as an administrator, so I'm going to do a little test to see and will return here to respond. 

We will be moving Widowed Village to a new hosting platform which will include a new chat room. I'll check with the web guy to see what the options are for clearing chat history.


I learned that delete/clear option is only available to me as the administrator.  I will ask our web guy whether there's any other way to deal with this, but I doubt there is.

Most of our members never enter the chat room. Even when you see those names over in the "Members Online" box, that does not mean they have opened up the chat room - only that they've signed into Widowed Village and are somewhere on the site. While many feel quite comfortable holding honest and vulnerable conversations in the chat room, it's good to remember that the main chat room conversation is viewable by any member. They can be reading it in real time and not commenting. So deleting it shortly after posting does not entirely address your concern.

When I opened up the chat room earlier, I could only see posts from about the last 8 hours. I suspect the chat history content is not time-based but rather based upon a certain number of chat lines. I do know that some have entered several periods (type a period and then hit enter several times) to push a sensitive conversation off the history.

If I learn anything more, I will let you know.


Hi I need help. I deleted an old email account that I used to set up my account on here with, and now I can’t remember my password. In order to reset my password I have to enter in my old deleted email address for widowville to send me a reset link. Problem is I will not be able to access the link because the email account is deleted. How can I fix this.

Unfortunately, we don't have member passwords - but if you were able to post this question in here, then that means you've accessed your account. That will allow you to change your email and password by clicking on Settings that you'll see over in the left-hand column. That opens up the page that you filled out when you first joined Widowed Village. Just under your photo you'll see your email address and password.  Click on the "change" link for each of those and make the necessary change. Then be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the SAVE button to make those changes.


I see that you submitted a new membership application, Therese.  Let me know if you're able to make the change to your original profile as instructed above and I can delete your new profile - or if you can't make those changes to your original profile, then I'll need to delete that one.

Does anyone to know if there’s an app for widowed village? It seems it would be so much easier than going through my phones browser. 

Any chance on making an App?  I don’t like using a computer and it is hard to navigate this site on an iPad.  

Singledad & Mike,

We're a non-profit, so unfortunately we aren't able to do a lot things we might want to do because we don't have the money to pay someone to develop it. 

We're going to be moving from the Ning platform to WordPress this year, hopefully by May. Not sure whether that will make it easier to navigate on an iPad. I do know several of our members use their iPad or tablet to access the Widowed Village chat room.

I will mention your requests to our Executive Director to see whether the move to WordPress will help and to ask if we can put development of an app on our wish list for a donor.

Hi, read the item below but I am not sure how it works. Can someone explain it to me?

Are you "on the map?"
One of the powerful tools Widowed Village offers you is the chance to find others who live near you so you can connect IN PERSON. I have already heard a few stories about this happening, and from my experience, I can tell you meeting "in real life" is wonderful. We're still small, but this feature will GROW and get more and more useful the more of us use it!

That piece should have been deleted, Mike. We had a map in here when Widowed Village first started that you could tag yourself on - but it was an app that stopped working so it was removed and this paragraph wasn't removed at the same time.  

I did create a "Connect with Others" Forum to try to help people to find one another.  It's not great, but it has helped some to meet.  Here's a link to the page:

I looked at your profile and see you're in NY, so this would be the discussion you'd post in:

I'm hopeful that we'll be able to utilize a map app when we move to the new site.  And some of our members have met one another in the chat room and then planned meets.  The closest Soaring Spirits regional groups we have to you are too far:  NYC, Lehigh Valley, PA and North Jersey.

Thanks, Mike. I've deleted it.


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