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Just wanted to share. This morning I tried to log in using Fire fox and it would not let me enter my password and connect, It gave a message of saying this is an unsecure/unprotected site and it is not save to enter a password or other information.

 Is there any way around this.  I am having other problems with IE and want to switch over.

 Thanks,  Cee

Try using Chrome ;-)

IE has always caused us some issues, but I've not heard a problem with Firefox.  I use Google Chrome.  I'll send a note to our web guy to see if he has an idea of what would have caused this.

Is there a way to rearrange the boxes on your profile page?

Rainy - I thought there was, but just tried to do some moving on my personal profile and couldn't get it to work. We've been having issues with things here so that might be one to add to the list.

We're moving the Widowed Village site over to WordPress and I don't know yet what our profiles will look like over there. Once we get past the San Diego Camp we'll be dedicating time to that project to get the site moved ... finally.  So please bear with us for a bit and hopefully you'll love the new site!

I changed my settings in my profile to participate in the pen pal program, what is

th next step?

That sounds nice!  So I changed my settings also. Thanks, I didn't even know that being a penpal was in the settings.

Personal email would be preferred, although not sure how to exchange emails withought posting here. 

here is just fine...  Lately I haven't been on here that much... Thankfully I have been busy been taking care of my Grandson.

He'll be 8 mos. old on June 7th.

Susan - I ran the program after you changed your settings but for some reason you weren't matched. I'll take a look to see what the issue was and get your matches off to you today. The email will come from



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