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I'll give it a try, thanks!!!

Why do some profiles have a green circle with a check mark in them and some dont?  What does that mean? Thanks 

Hi Tami. Those green check marks mean they requested a Widow Pen Pal when they joined Widowed Village.
Ok thank you!

I am interested in starting a new group with a focus on positive grief.  I've made a few posts and have gotten significant feedback about how much it's appreciated (the uplifting perspectives).  I am thinking there would be some focused draw into a group like this as many are looking for something they aren't always getting in the other groups with various focus'. How do I start a new group?

Hi AK.  Here are a couple of existing forum discussions that allow us to share a positive focus on grief.

Is there a reason why in some areas the most recent posts are shown first and others are in chronological order with recent posts on the last page?

Not sure there's a "reason" other than that's the way the web designer set it up. I think originally it was thought the main conversations here in WV would take place in the Forums. Groups would be where we would make our connections and then the conversations would take place in the Forums.  Instead, the Groups have become very active with multiple conversations going on.  

  • The Groups and Blogs show the most recent responses on top, chronological order.
  • The Forum discussions allow you to respond directly to someone else's post and that response will show up under theirs (in chrono order with any other responses to that particular post).
    • You'll see "Reply" and "Message" directly under each post, giving you those options.
      • 'Reply' lets you reply directly under that comment
      • 'Message' is only available if you are 'WV friends' with the author of the comment and will allow you to respond privately to them (goes to their "inbox"). 
    • If you post a Forum comment in the main entry box of that discussion, it will show up at the end (go to the last page in that discussion).  
    • If you look at the main Forum page (here's a link to it:  FORUMS) you can see all of the latest Forum discussion activity and click on whichever you want to read (see the "Latest Activity" column).
    • Or you can look at the Home page to see the latest WV activity throughout the site.

Has anyone else noticed that Widow's Voice is not updating.  I accidentally found some more recent essays than May, but now can't find that way of getting to the June and July postings.  All the internal links stop in May.

Sonja7, here is the link for Widow's Voice that has current and past blogs: .  You can also go to the top an high light the Soaring Spirits Loss Fdn and then come down and click on the Widow's Voice and it will take you to Widow's Voice.  Mine opens in a new window but not sure how it works for others.


Thank you Morgana (Janet).  I put the link in my favorites bar.  I notice that you are very active on this entire site and I appreciate that you have been so helpful to me several times already. 

Hi Forever.  Are you trying to change your city from your widville page or from the edit profile page?  If your doing it from your 'my widville' you will see 'Profile Info' and to the right of that there is an 'Edit' button.  Click on it and from there you can change your zip code to change the city; then there is a question "Anything else you would like to share or ask?" and you can tell your story there.  You can also tell your story in the Forums "Introduce yourself" or you can right a blog about your story.  I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer them.  Sending you a friend request to. 


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