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I am not sure where to post this (pardon my ignorance) but I recently started a blog, my life as a 25-year-old widow. I have found very few resources for young widows which is mainly the reason I started it - and to document our life together. In case anyone is interested the link is - let me know if you have blogs as well that might help me navigate this awful miserable time. 

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Being a young widow does suck for the lack of resources. Seriously, when I joined this community it asks for your age, and the year I was born wasn't even an option! I lost my wife about 7 months ago while we were 24-years-old.

I just started looking for web forums and such yesterday because the sense of loneliness hit me pretty hard out of the blue. When I saw your post here and checked out your blog, I knew I found the right place! I read through and saw where you mentioned you took your man to a field of sunflowers/daisies--that was something my wife and I had always wanted to do because they were her favorite flowers as well! Hope its not weird that I joined mainly to respond to this post...

Anyways, since she passed, I decided to try and do as many of the things that we had wanted to do together. One of those things was to make a blog. So I have been! It's My writing is roughly 1/3 about memories of my wife (which has been difficult but healing to write about), 1/3 about trying to move on in life without her, and 1/3 about my faith. Maybe one of those thirds could help?


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