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Hello all, 

I lost my sweet husband Harry on October of 2019 to pancreatic cancer,we were married for 7 amazing years. I hope soaring spirits helps me through this grief. 


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Welcome! Sorry about your loss, it's awful. You've come to the right place though as we've all been through it. I lost SJ after 7 years due to a stroke. It's tough, but we can all get through it eventually. It helps to share. :-)

Hi SewCraftiMT,

I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my husband a year ago.  I hope this site gives you some comfort. Hugs to you

Sorry for your loss. I, too, lost my husband, Mark, to pancreatic cancer. In a few days, we would have celebrated 37 years of marriage. It was not quite six months from diagnosis to the day my world implored. He made it through chemo only to have severe complications from surgery. I hop you find comfort on these pages. It is a good place to vent. Feel free to reach out. Sorry we are in this crappy club together. (Hugs)

Hello Kris, 

Sorry for your loss. Yes what a crappy club!! Did your husband have the Whipple surgery? Harry had it and recovering was tough. I am finding good information from the site and attending a griefshare class.  Bedtime is the hardest for me, I have to get a smaller bed. 

Thanks for reaching out

Yes, Mark had the Whipple which went extremely bad while he was in the OR. Three days later, I had to remove his vent.  I am sorry your Harry had a hard recovery from it. I had a hard time going up to sleep in our bed as well. I had a lot of nights just falling asleep on the couch. I, too, have found this site to be helpful. At least you know you are not alone. 


Thanks Kris63

Stay Blessed 


I lost my husband (57) on June 21, 2019 to pancreatic cancer, too.  Sorry for our loss.


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