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For the first time since Ed died, I will be alone this New Year's Eve. This will be my 6th without him. Many years I was with my mother but she passed in 2016. That year I was with my sister. Last year I was with friends next door (but they have since separated so that is not happening). I feel I am OK with this. I used to do it before I met Ed. I guess I just want to know if anyone else will be alone and what are your plans for it? I am recovering from a cold so I doubt I make it to midnight!  While I feel ok about it I also feel ... I am going to be alone on New Year's Eve! (cue the dramatic music).

What about everyone else?


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Hugs to you as well!

Me - I hope to be asleep early.  My... memory of NYE is always frozen on Dec 31 2011 when my wife told me that she watched the Christmas tree on the roof of the hospital complex across from her room there....

Timelord, I will be asleep early as well! Actually nothing new in that!

Yes, I will be alone for the first time since I began dating back in the 60's. I lost my husband, also named Ed, on March 18 of this year. I suspect I will have a bit of a rough time, but I have them everyday. When we would toast the New Year the past few years, I would have wine and he would have orange juice, because of meds he was taking. I plan to mix my wine and his orange juice together and toast the 49 years we were part of each others' life, married 43 of them. It won't be the same, but it's all I have. 

So sorry, sis. We'll remember our Eds together. Hugs again.

Susan indeed once we had kids... rarely did we make it that late!

I am 62 and have never been to a big traditional NYE party. We always stayed home with a bottle of champagne or 4 pack of coolers, and a bag of chips and dip. NYD is our anniversary. I would cook a big dinner.

This year I will be having my (delayed) (Christmas) dinner of shrimp. And read some of our old cards we used to write to each other. Maybe a fire in the fireplace tonight.


This is my 6th year as well.  Susan and I had decided that all the hoopla was for the young kids and neither of us drank.  Instead we would watch TV have a wonderful hug and kiss, and then go to bed.  Nowadays I'm especially happy to be home with my two Attack House cats.  It's 2 degrees outside and has been snowing all day long.  Those snow covered frozen roads are simply too dangerous to go out on if it is not an emergency.

Hugs to you all..

And I hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and is looking forward to a Happy New Year.



Thank you, Frank. I ended up going next door to share some sushi and pizza with my neighbor who is now living alone because his wife moved out. He needed to talk about it so I listened. Poor guy - so much anger.  I think it's good for him to talk about it and not hold it in. (Note: this is NOT a romantic relationship - we are neighbors. He does all my plowing and mowing etc! I don't know why I feel I have to explain this but I do)

So it was a nice interlude for a couple of hours. Then I came home and went to bed!

Let's hope 2019 brings us some happiness and peace with ourselves!


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