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Here's a spot where you can post your special November remembrances - wedding anniversaries, birthdays, anniversaries of your loss, children's weddings, etc. - and discuss the plans you have to get through those potentially hard days. 

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I was thinking of posting some pictures but it makes me feel a bit too vulnerable and exposed. The 22nd will be one full year. November 22nd at 10:20 PM 

The way to describe this year is like "Alice through the Looking Glass." Everything upside down and people speaking in riddles, a language I don't understand. I am slowly learning a new language myself, plodding through grief and trying to establish a "New Normal" (Whatever the heck that is. It sounds good, that's why I shared it-lol)

I will spend Thanksgiving with my brother and his family. This is one area in my life I don't take for granted anymore-supportive siblings, a daughter, extended family. Not everyone has that kind of support. They (family) can't take away the pain, but they stood next to me and offered solace as I was in agony.

I hope I can return the kindness and support if and when they lose someone they love.

Today was my husband 40th birthday! Our kids and I celebrated but it was bittersweet since he passed away a little over 2 months ago. Now we are having our first thanksgiving without him.

My dear husband Ron died a year ago today.  I'm so grateful it was peacefully and at home, with support from hospice, and I have mostly good memories of his last days.

It's been a very full year as I build a different life without him.  As others have noted here, it's a task that's forced on us.  The old life is gone.  I think I always had one eye on the horizon because he was 15 years older and had health issues that we knew could worsen someday- which is exactly what happened.  My beautiful second granddaughter was born two weeks after he died.  I took a cruise through the Panama Canal and along the coasts of Panama and Costa Rica in April, which was beautiful and healing.  I returned to Iceland last August (we'd been there together in 2015 and loved it) and took a day trip to Greenland.  I leave for India and Nepal in March.  Ron didn't tolerate hot weather very well, so now I'm making those trips myself.  Finally, I've always been diligent about daily workouts (I went to the gym after the funeral directors had removed Ron's body form the house) but I've really increased my upper-body workouts and it shows in my arms and shoulders.


The hospital where he was treated is having a Celebration of Life today for the survivors of those lost to cancer (DH had Acute Myeloid Leukemia) and when I found out it was exactly one year after his death, it seemed appropriate to attend, so I'm doing that.  Right afterwards I have an HOA Board Meeting!  Life goes on.


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