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 Never thought we would turn into a boxing family. There was so much frustration and anger and sadness we decided to just get punching bags . we now have three and kids will punch on it when they want to and I am learning how to box using a heavy weight punching bag .  It’s been 15 weeks  now. We miss him so much almost seems heavier harder and sadder  each day.  I used to run but I ran with him. Now I can’t run so

I punch the heck out of this bag.  These punching bags don’t even fit that well in our house. The toy room has kind of been turned into a boxing room with toys all around it.  When I don’t know what else to do and I’m just staring around the house I start wrapping my hands get the gloves on and punch 

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Good for you & your family!

Everyone should find modalities to cope w/their grief issues safely ...

Another idea is to grab several trays of ice cubes and find a brick wall or a wall without windows.

Throw, smash, pick up, and repeat. There  is something theraputic about hearing the ice smash and break. 

Keeps the good dishes safe while you vent the anger. Cost is next to nothing. Worked for me anyway.

I like the ice idea might have to do that one too!

Love this ice idea!!! Thanks for the suggestion, barbee!

Good way to get the frustration and anger out. Better than breaking stuff or losing it in an inappropriate time and place. 

I have a big punching bag like this hanging in my garage. I need to be using it to get these negative feelings out! (((Hugs))) to you dear one. 

Great idea! I have been thinking about that for my teenager- but to do it myself too sounds good1


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