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I am new here by a couple of months. When my husband died he was 47 and me 46. We had one son. Norm was diagnosed at age 36 with heart disease. There was no cure, but a heart transplant. He did not get one. We got married in 1975, he got sick in 1987 and died in 1997. Here it is 20 years later.
When I grew up all you heard was that girls get married and have babies. Somehow, I knew that would probably not be the outcome for me. I had no luck with dates, and I am visually impaired from brain surgery that happened when I was 8. When I met Norm I was 23, had moved away from home, and knew I wanted to be with him. He did not care I was somewhat disabled. He taught me to backpack on the Appalachian Trail, he drove me everywhere, and we made a son.
No one had ever loved me like he did. So we got married. His family became my family. I had to be the happiest in my life. Then..... lost him his family passed away, my best friend died, etc. I now live in Florida, and am alone. I have been alone since he died. My son lives 1,000 miles away. I have no one, no real friends, nobody. I am an oddball and I knew when I lost him I would be alone into the future. Nobody wants to hang around me because I need rides and other help, but not much. It is not a happy life now, but I always hope it can get better.

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Your post made me cry. Im very sorry. I just lost my husband unexpectedly and have 2 small children. Dont know what to do now. You can message me anytime you want to talk.
Hi. I saw your post, and it was part of the reason I posted. Having kids makes it harder, but for me, our son was 6 when his Dad became ill, and 16 when his Dad died, and I was so glad I had him at home until he went away to college. Your kids will be your comfort, as you are to them. Please take care.
They are definitely the only reason I get out of the bed in the mornings. I have to keep taking care of them. It sucks their Dad couldnt see them grow up. It just breaks my heart.


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