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Today is Jims 66th Birthday....he passed on October 14, 2016., so my journey right now is dealing with all the firsts. Was wondering how y'all have dealt with you loved ones birthdays? I wrote a poem for Jim....and when it warms up I'm going to take a walk down by the lake and 'talk' to him. We never made a huge deal, so I'm going to keep it simple like we always did.

Happy Birthday in Heaven....

I Miss you Husband
My Beloved Best Friend..
Your smile, your laugh
Your love that transcends...

On this, your first birthday
That we are apart
I draw strength from our love
And when the tears start.....

I'll cry my river
While deep within my soul
I feel you with me
And for a little while, I'll pretend I'm whole.

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I am almost through all of my firsts without my husband. He passed away 02/25/2016.
As I've posted before, he was a NYE baby so it was not an easy New Year for me. I didn't want to go out or be with people celebrating the new year so I stayed in, watched some British mysteries and made some of my favorite foods.
You need to do whatever feels right for you.
My husband's father just passed away so I'm dealing with that too. I question why the order was wrong...
I too take lots of walks and we're having crazy warm weather here so it's been great.
Take good care of yourself.

Thank you camsmom...nature has been a great healer...
((((Hugs)))) to you

Linda, these firsts are very hard. Our anniversary was on the 19th. I have a few more months on you and time does help, (with so many tears along the way). I love your poem, especially the last line, yes, for a while I pretend I'm whole, too. Hugs to you, Alexandra

((((Hugs)))) Alexandra
And thank you

My husband's birthday is in 12 days. I'm planning on taking my son to McDonald's (my son's idea, although we do have fond family memories there) and also making my husband's favorite cake (yellow cake with chocolate frosting) to think about and honor him. I will probably share these two things with family members who are in town.

That is truly beautiful Linda.  

I also like this one...

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing that beautiful poem Nieta ❤


   Paul passed away on Dec. 7th. 2017 ... Next month will make 1 year.  As for our birthdays. mine is Dec. 11th and his was Dec. 15.  Not sure what I'll do though.


Linda, I love the picture!  Thank You for sharing!



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