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My partner has only been gone for three months so perhaps I am still raw but I find that I have such intense feelings of, well utter sadness and loneliness. I just miss Scott so badly and I feel such sadness and loss. It feels like half of me is missing, I also feel so sad because our son was born two weeks after Scott died and my son is never going to be held by his daddy. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited Scott had been about becoming a dad.

So this huge overwhelming sad and lonely feelings. ...... how do other people cope with them?

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Hugs Debbiedebs

Oh how so sad, and yes it is new and raw, and you are probably still in shock, especially with a new baby.

If you read in the different Groups and Blogs postings, you will read see that each of us are in different parts

of the journey, and everyone here will "get it".  If you go to the "introduce yourself please" you can read many stories..

go to the last page which is the most recent.  There are usually people in the chat room in the evenings if you want to go there.  Please know this is a place where people will truly understand what you are going through, and you will know that all of your feelings are OK.  Hugs to you

Lynda (Gary's wife)

I cry in my vehicle and after I put the kids to bed.  The lonely seems debilitating.

Hello folks.

It has been sometime since I last posted on this board. I lost my wife in December of 2005, and I still miss her to this day.
However, I just lost my brother that I loved dearly. We were very close, and I feel sad that we cannot converse or visit ever again.


Of course you are overwhelmed by sadness. I am so very sorry for the loss of your partner. How to cope with the feelings? Feel them. But if you are not functioning at a basic level (REALLY basic at this point, as in getting out of bed, feeding yourself, feeding the baby), are panicking, or are reliving upsetting scenarios over and over again, get a therapist. How exhausting it is to care for a little one with an intact family! Do you have help for baby care and around the house?


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