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 Tonight the phone rang, Caller ID was my (our) phone number, my deceased husband's name. I answered it: "Hello?", heard nothing, then lots of static, then silence, I said "hello?" again, more static, I said "Bob, is that you?" and got a busy signal, then a click, dead silence. (no pun intended)

 Has this happened to anyone else?

 Just wondering..... 

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I thought I had a few instances of this.  Was away for the weekend with my son (spanning the 1 month mark of my wife's passing).  Twice I looked at my phone and saw a missed call, from my own number.  I was sure it was a sign similar to what I read here.  It rang again and this time I was able to answer it and it was spam.  It really upset me, and I turned the ringer off for the rest of the weekend.

One other thing was weird.  Our hotel room was rather unique; it had no dresser, but did have a 3 inch ledge mounted below the TV on the wall.  This ledge had a lip, so anything placed on it would be secure.  About 4:30am I heard a loud bang.  I got up and looked around only to see my son's iPad on the floor, it had fallen from the ledge.  I was concerned it broke since the floor was hardwood; luckily it had the case on and landed flat and no damage. 

On a related note, the day of her funeral, I went to lunch with some neighborhood parents who we are close with.  Three women told me that they saw a butterfly come to them after Kim died and they felt that the butterfly was her.  I had noticed one the day before and didn't originally connect it.  But I realize I hadn't seen any before she died.  Since then I have seen a few butterflies, and it makes me smile.  Also I noticed quite a few dragonflies, specifically one at that lunch, one at my parents' house and one on our trip; I kind of thought of Kim with each of them.  Last night a friend posted a meme on FB saying something like  "Legend states that dragonflies have an extra set of wings because an angel visiting you is riding their back."; I had never heard that but was so happy to see it, as that friend was not involved in any of the instances where I saw the dragonfly.  So, now I have a special affinity for butterfly and dragonfly.

I have gotten these many times. Like others, at first I was very upset about it, but now I feel it is my husband letting me know he's still around here. I don't answer the call, knowing noone will be on the other end, but I do smile when I see the caller ID. 


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