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Here's a spot where Campers can post photos and share what they've learned in the workshops, so those who aren't here with us can share the experience.

Here's a link to the survey that Michele asked everyone to take the time to complete:

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Well it's not allowing me to post a photo from my iPad so you'll just have to trust me on this. It is GORGEOUS here today. Just perfect. The weather folks are predicting that will change on Friday, but I'm hopeful they're wrong.

Oh - going to attach the photo as a file and see if that works. It's the view from my room. Last year's view was of the roof of the parking garage ... Fabulous improvement!!!
I'm in the bar at the Marriott right now.

wish we were still there

Me too.

I wasn't able to attend any of the workshops, but I heard fabulous reports about so many of them. CWE Campers: Please post your take-aways from your favorite sessions here ... quotes, ah-ha moments, bullet points ... things that others may find helpful if they weren't in that session or were unable to attend Camp.

I just have to tell you that when I got home yesterday, I felt a little lost without all the hustle and bustle around me.  

Coming to work today was difficult as well, but I just feel happy today.  My students knew where I was going and really were interested in what I enjoyed most or what I didn't really care for.  But, the best compliment came when one of my boys in the first class said, "Profe, I don't know what it is, but you look different today."

Now it is time to redefine my Plan A because I will NOT settle for plan B!!!!

The "Plan A, Plan B" speech was THE MOST inspirational thing I've ever heard. I have came home and told A LOT of people about it. It's given me a little more hope that I can have something great again. Doesn't mean I'm not terrified of taking the leap though.

I agree, that speech really hit home for me. It's still so incredibly hard to let go of the life I had. To accept that it's not an option. I don't think I am quite "there" yet, but it gave me hope, too...

I'm so, so glad you went!! :)

Hi Dianne,  Just such an amazing awe inspiring experience.  I wish I were still there!!  

A.The workshops were great.  I really liked Michele's one on "what the grinch taught me"   I learned that 1. we have lost our Plan A    2. We need to know that we don't have to settle for "plan B"    3.  If not, we need to know that we are responsible for going out and finding our own "New Plan A"    So, today, I am reflecting on CWE and thinking about what "plan A for me"  might possibly be.  I have an inkling... but not sure. it is a journey.

        The other workshop I loved was by Kelley Lynn.  To finally be able to really laugh about this widowed journey... what a gift.

B. the people at CWE ...   I fell in love with every person I met, and that includes Michele,  and  all the (tireless) volunteers, the wonderful workshop presenters... the (also seemingly tireless) workers at the Marriott, the members of the widowed community. wow, just loved the whole experience :)  Thank-you.

me to diane, and i so so loved the plan a talk, it helped me very much in rethinking so many of my responses.  the Healing for camp is very tangible but hard to put into words!

I came away more sure that i'm okay and in fact more than okay.

That i mattered

and i was able to let go of a lot of fear, anger, and unforgiveness.

These things didn't happen because of workshops or conversations, they happened because of community.

community really really does matter!!

thank you dianne for your kind words on my workshop!!! I cant wait to do it again at Camp West!!! And Michele's PLAN A / PLAN A speech was beyond inspiring ....... and I now have the quote from that awesome poem she quoted as my cover photo on Facebook. I cant stop thinking about it: "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"


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