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Here's a spot where Campers can post photos and share what they've learned in the workshops, so those who aren't here with us can share the experience.

Here's a link to the survey that Michele asked everyone to take the time to complete:

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Thanks Cindy! Of course I remember you, and your beautiful sparkling eyes. It was lovely meeting you. Hope your return home has been ok. I was energized by Camp Widow, though in one month I will reach the 1-year anniversary of Arthur's death. That will be tough. But we take it one day at a time, eh? Katja.

I loved meeting you in person, kshy, along with all of the new campers - and seeing the changes in those I've met at previous camps. It's the very best part of camp for me, each time.  Really seeing each other and who we are in real life and being able to wrap our arms around one another.

Paying it forward is a blessing ... for the recipient and for the giver. Donating to Soaring Spirits so they are able to offer assistance to those who can't afford to attend camp is a gift that will be remembered, appreciated, and lead to another 'pay it forward' experience for someone else. 

I've shared similar words as you when speaking about how I'm able to move forward ... "it's a choice" I have, I do it "to honor his life" ... but I haven't said that "I need to do it to honor mine".  Thank you for that, dear Katja.

Katja, this has been a turning point for me. I've been struggling to find that motivation to move forward. Even camp itself didn't do it for me. But your comments on trying to crawl out of the hole to honor his life, not to mention your own, resonated with me. When I had my husband taken to a hospice house, and the doctor asked if I had told him he could let go because I would be okay, I had to say of course I hadn't. I knew I wasn't going to be okay! She said to say it anyway because he was holding on to life because he was worried about me. So even if I knew I wasn't going to be okay, I should still say it so he could let go.. So I did. He died less than 24 hours later. So thanks to you, I know I need to pull myself together, not just to honor his life, but to honor the promise I made to him that I would be okay.

Cindy, I just saw this...wish I could give you a big hug. I took care of my husband for 4 short, but cherished months, but I was so completely exhausted, I feared I'd have nothing left for myself after he died. I feared that I wouldn't even have the strength to get up, and go home from hospice, alone. But I guess I did. People go to CW being at very different places in their grief, I would never assume that for everyone it's a turning point. Moving through grief, coming to terms with our loss, it's such a difficult, and long process. I grasp on to any tiny spark that comes my way to help me move toward some kind of hope and optimism again, but some days, I am not even able to see a spark right in front of my face. It's a tough, tough road. You are strong, you will be ok, but I saw the sadness in your eyes, we have to honor that too, however long it takes. Hugs.

Thanks. Hope our paths cross again someday. Keep looking for those sparks, and so will I.

Learned so much at this camp - plus meeting friends that I will be in my life forever.  About the Plan A, Michele spoke that we don't have to have a Plan B - we can have a New Plan A.  And that is what I will work on.

Everyone was amazing, made life long friends that I treasure and this was life changing for me.  Can't afford Camp West this year in San Diego in June - but hoping God willing that I can attend in 2014 both camps - that is my goal anyways.

Thank you Diane for all that you do - you are a beautiful spirit - and you were there for alot of us that had some moments.

There also were orbs out there when we did our ocean message release - I know my husband was right there with me.  At first was not going to go in the ocean - and went up to my knees in the ocean - wanted to make sure he received my message of love to him.  So many stars out that night.... didn't matter how cold it was.....

Thank you, Judy.  See, I've learned a good lesson this morning. Instead of jumping in to respond when someone asks a question in here, I need to just have a little patience and give others who were actually there time to respond. Ah, even at my age, I'm still learning.

I second Judy - thank you Diane.  You had a monumental task and I think you succeeded wonderfully.  Thanks for your dedication and for making all of us newbies feel so welcome.

Dianne , Camp widow  was great in that it was insperational and got helpful info. Loved meeting the others  from the village.

you all have me in tears. I am on the flight home from Arizona where I visited my in-laws and sil. I really need this but may have some things that interfere. I couldn't find this again and am so glad I did. Thank you all. This is so inspiring to read, I am envious of all of you.
Diane, camp was the best thing i did for myself since Scott died 18 mos ago. I have such confidence now in myself. I went out of my comfort zone and it was totally worth it. I loved everything about camp especially the opportunity to meet some new friends. Thanks for everything you do for all of us. Friends here saw pictures of me on facebook and commented on how relaxed i looked...i felt so at home there.

Love that your friends noticed, Fran ♥ 


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