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Here's a place for our Tampa Campers to share their camp experience, lessons learned, workshop info and photos with those who aren't able to join us.  

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I'm 5 years widowed and this is my third camp.  It's weird how nervous I still felt going to registration, but it was wonderful to see old and new faces.  While I miss the calm beaches of Myrtle Beach, I'm sure this location will be much more convenient for everyone and I look forward to seeing you all tonight or at a roundtable group!

Michele's keynote was amazing this morning.  Your house is not a home.  So often I looked to my late husband, and now my new husband, as my "Home", but Michele encouraged me this morning to create a home in myself.  To love myself and find my safe zone on my own.  Powerful, difficult, encouraging.

Michele's keynote wasn't officially recorded, but someone did record it and I'll be typing up a transcript.  Stay tuned.

My apologies that I haven't posted any updates from Camp.  Keeping up with all of the volunteer tasks has kept me from taking photos or attending any sessions - but there has been great feedback.  Hopefully other Campers will share a little bit from some of their favorite workshops.

Tonight's message release was poignant. We made origami boats during dinner, writing a message to our loved ones on the paper. We walked down the riverwalk and launched them into the bay and then received a recycled glass heart, a symbol of the love we shared but also the love of new friends in our lives that we would never have met if we hadn't been widowed.

Here's a few pictures I pulled from Facebook.

Registration & Store getting set up

Thursday night meetup

Judy's dinner at Roy's to honor Justin's birthday

Some of our campers in between sessions

A little group selfie at the reception

Campers sporting their 'fascinators'

The origami boat message release

On the bus to the 5K

Tanya & Judy cross the finish line

The early risers who made it to the 5K!

This is my third time attending Camp Widow.  It was amazing as always.  Michele's speech was inspirational and filled me with hope.  Thank you so much to everyone for giving us all a safe place to go as we grieve, grow, and come away with hope.  Big thanks to all of the presenters for giving your time over the weekend. 


This was my first time to camp widow.  I was very scared and nervous to go.  I'm pretty good at throwing up walls to protect myself from just about everything that comes my way.  Not that this is always the best remedy, but it is my defense mechanism.  I was surprised how easily I allowed those walls to come down this last weekend. I allowed myself to  cry in front of people (which is very difficult for me), I absorbed others stories, I talked to amazing people, listened to presenters that touched my heart with their stories and words of advice, had an amazing time dancing Friday and Saturday night. I felt at ease the entire time. The only downfall, and it isn't negative, I was overwhelmed with all the good information which made me very tired once I returned home and processed everything.  :)  Thank you to all that put all the time and hard work into making these camps available to the rest of us.  

I am so glad it was such a wonderful experience for you!  From your posts I could tell you were really apprehensive, but I am so very glad it went so well.

Michele's keynote actually made me feel normal. I'm not the only one that went out and bought something because my husband said no. lol Plus, I also learned we all have a little gypsy in us.

With it being my third camp it was so much fun to socialize and hang out with friends again. Too bad that part wasn't longer. I miss being on the beach with Myrtle, but this is my new favorite location. Let's hope Toronto can keep up! :)

My first camp widow just one week before the one year date of losing my husband. I was blessed to go but so nervous. I've never been a social butterfly, Tom and I did everything together. Simply getting on the plane was a big step for me. I am SO glad I got to go and meet others that truly understand! The workshops were very good and chatting informally with fellow campers was just as healing. I left with two friends I hope to have forever!

Love this, TomsWife!  Forever friends are a special gift of Camp Widow ... one that we just could not have imagined before we got there.

Photos from the Tampa Camp have been posted on the Camp Widow Facebook page.  And while you're there, please 'like' the Camp Widow FB page:

Here's a link to the photo album: Camp Widow East Photos


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