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My Jerry, had me spoiled a lot.  I never had to worry about car issues, house issues etc.  

I am evidently really hard on my tires, or maybe it's the South Carolina pot holes that never get fixed.  Anyhow, early on, one of my first thoughts were who will I call if my car breaks down and leaves me hanging out on the side of the road.  What if I get a flat tire?  Sure, I can call my 80 yr old dad.  I can call friends who will call their husbands....  None of that is something I'd want to do.  It might seem like a trivial thing to more independent minded women.  I'm not the independent type (although I am going to learn, okay I hope to learn...), I have some real phobia's one of them is being stranded and broke.  To me those are real possibility's. 

Getting to my question.  Did you worry about things like that?  What did you do? 

I have ordered a AAA card.  I am now wondering if it's even worth it.  I have already tried to use it to get a discount only to find out their discount was also the regular price.  Hmmm, I feel like my very first proactive decision  PJD (post jerry's death) is a bust.  I already feel taken advantage of.  

Do you have AAA?  Has it ever came in handy?  Did you really get that promised 10% off?

Onto house hold issues, I need some work done.  The same easy peasy things that needed to be done when Jerry was here.  I procrastinated.  I didn't call the handyman when I should have so now, that it's on ME to worry about it.  The very minor things that didn't bother me before are piling up and making me feel overwhelmed.  Again, it's my anxiety and not that big of a deal.  I've been told I can replace the seal around my toilet, I can replace the kitchen faucets.  WHAT? 

Can I really?  Should I try?  I'm told I'll feel empowered by doing these things,  could it be true? 

I didn't even mention that the central air is trying to crap out.  I know this by the extreme whining and wailing noise it makes in protest of having to run.  Now, this I cannot do.  Jerry was going to buy a new unit when it finally gave up.  However, Jerry isn't here.  Rainy can't pay for a new until.  On the bright side, I happen to know a AC/Heating man that owes Jerry a favor as per their work agreement...... Is it tacky to call it in?

I edited this to add:

What are some of the off the wall but, very real  questions/concerns did you have?  How have you handled it?

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About a month after Mike died I drove his F250 truck to work one of the tires had a slow leak and I was having it fixed on my way home, well when I left work the tire was flat I called a few tow companies and the cheapest one was 125 to change the tire.  I would of tried to change it myself but I had no ideas what the key was for the spare or even the jack they towed it the the repair shop but only charged me the 125.  The next day I bought AAA for me and our 3 daughter I have never used it but all 3 of the girls have well worth the money spent and being able to request the tow company we want that makes me feel better with the kids, my 19 year old had to be towed she was about 60 miles from home. 

I have done so much work to our house that he keep putting off, like fixing holes in the walls painting, in the almost 2 years that he has been gone with the help of you tube and 1 or 2 friends that are still around to help if needed. Mike was a contractor so I have most of the tools I need.  The only cost that I have had is materials and a compound miter saw which I used to install a new floor in my daughters room,  I changed the headlight in my car something I would of had to pay someone else to do and it just made me feel so good and that was the moment when I finally realized that I am going to be ok 

I have eliminated the cable, internet and home phone my bills, had to sell the truck to pay his bills, I changed car insurance companies and cut my bill almost in half with the same coverage. Mike felt that all I needed to do was write the check because that was the easy part. Their was not life insurance I work full time but with cost of health insurance and fixing the problems this house has I have to decide what I need compared to what I want. My car has more duct tape on it than I would like but it gets me from a to b. 

Life has not been easy I have made a lot of mistakes but the more I do the better it makes me feel.  I have learned not to be so hard on myself if something does not turn out right or worry about what is going to break tomorrow.

Lee, life is never easy, is it?  

I've been going over ways to cut bills and crunching numbers.  Signing up for coupons that I hope I'll remember to use.  Sometime soon I'm going to have to get a "real" job or go back to school.  I am so impressed at all your "fix and do's"!  I used to be a little more handy that I am, I feel helpless at the moment or maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself.  I don't know.  I am, with the help of all of you going to get myself in order.   I have hope, I have courage ( I don't know that went but I'll find it again).  Thank's for taking the time to give me a boost!  


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