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First, let me tell you that if you were thinking of a number from 1 to 2, I could never guess it right.
That said, my wife, Janet was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on 12/21/2015 and passed away on 2/03/2016. Starting around January of 2015 I started having a vision of her in our bed dying with me next to her and her sister in the adjacent family room. I can't remember if it started as a dream but it quickly turned into a waking vision. Started with once a week and as the year progressed it became almost daily. Janet was a vegetarian, exercised daily looked like she was in her 30s when she was 55 and never was in the hospital. She had two wellness checkups  per year. Once for the company insurance, one she did on her own. 
I didn't tell Janet about it since I didn't want to worry her. This very visual image became like a bad song that you can't get out of your head. I couldn't shake it. It was always the same, Janet on her side of the bed dying, me next to her and her sister visible through the bedroom door on the couch in the family room. On February 3rd of 2016 at 6:30am Janet took her last breath, with me at her side and her sister on the couch in the family room. The exact way I saw it all those times.
I ask myself what was the point? Was it to prepare me or warn me? Janet had a certain intuitiveness and I could understand if she had a premonition, but me?
Has anyone else experienced the same thing? 

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To this day I still don't understand the reason for my premonition other than it confirms (at least to me) that there is so much more to life and beyond that we can ever imagine. 

I firmly believe that we will be together again.



I agree there is so much more than we can ever know.  These aren't "coincidences" on these premonitions. They are very real. 

I too believe that my Doug and I will dance this dance again.

Wishing you peace and comfort


I can identify. I had been having premonitions about dying in sleep from a brain aneurysm. I said nothing to my husband because I thought it was going to be me. I had fallen from our back steps and my head bounced off the brick wall a few years before he passed. The back of my head would give me some problems and I figured there was an aneurysm that would burst while I was sleeping. That is what happened to my husband almost a year ago. I was prepared for me to go, but not for him to go. I think back often about that, but even if I had told him, he would have laughed it off as watching too much tv. It also has me often wondering if I could have noticed something about him that may have told me there was a problem. I even stare at his picture, particularly the eyes to see if I can spot something I may have missed. In my head I know I couldn't have done anything, but my heart is having a hard time with it. God Bless

I am not the sort to have a premonition, but I can't argue away what happened to me.  As my husband was leaving for the trip he would not return from, he seemed more hesitant than usual to be going, and what I can only describe as a voice in my head said to me very strongly, "He doesn't want to go on this trip because he's going to die on it."  He did die, in his sleep from some kind of traumatic event with his heart.  He was only 51 and the fittest man of his age I had ever known.  When I was having the premonition, I wrote it off as a manifestation of my own fearfulness, and I didn't tell my husband because I was sure that he would think I was being silly and that he would never call off his trip, which was important, based on some kind of "voice" in my head.  I also discounted it myself, and did not want to send him off with a message like that which I knew he would not act on.  I spent a long time thinking I'd had a chance to avoid the trauma of losing him, and I wasted it.

I too wonder if I was picking up on something I was not consciously aware of, and I kind of swing between that and the thought that something so traumatic can echo back through time in some kind of quantum way.  My husband was a physicist and he used to tell me all sorts of interesting things about time. 


From my stand point what happened to your husband and my wife was destined, nothing was going to change the end results. Janet had PC and we did not know it until the very end. Even if I acted on my premonition nothing would have changed. While premonitions can be disturbing, in hindsight they make you more appreciative for the one you lost.  Rich


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