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I believe in rebirth. Based on that, I was wondering. If a person has passed on, and is rebirthed, while their loved one is still living in the current lifetime, can the person passed on (now in rebirth state) still "connect" to the loved one?

Like I said, just wondering, one of those things that keep me up at night.

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I've thought of that also. What if my DH is reincarnated, and when I die, he is not waiting for me?

That's another viewpoint. Hubby is reincarnated and I don't know. Then, I die, and he's living somewhere in another body on planet Earth while I'm out there. 

I am really scared to find an answer to this question

My beliefs are a little more in depth than that but, I will say if your loved has been rebirthed  you could connect with them but not as they were. You wouldn't know them per se but you may get that feeling of " you feel you have known them forever, " or you may feel deja vu.

From what I've read, groups I'm part of, and what I definitely believe, the soul is connected eternally to loved ones. We are all part of one big Source.  Yes, if one chooses to reincarnate (and it is by choice), at the soul level, you are still connected.  Always were, always will be.

Your loved ones will be there to greet you with unconditional love and open arms. 

Hugs,  ~Shirley  

Reincarnate by choice - I've not come across that before. Interesting. 

I believe the deja vu experience is an "awareness" resulting from interaction of both parties in previous lifetimes.

What I am thinking of is this - if hubby is rebirthed while I'm still here, and say we meet, and say it's deja vu for me, at that point, would I still connect to his "soul"/vibrational energy of his passed on state or the rebirth means that passed on soul/vibrational energy is no longer accessible to me? Am I making sense?

And I'm also wondering - what is the longest someone had connected with their departed loved ones? Ten, twenty years after their passing on? Longer/

I'm just thinking aloud. 

I can only speak of my own experience. My grandmother passed away 36 years ago and she is still with me and other family members. That is her job in the afterlife. I believe we all serve a higher purpose. Now and later. Some when they die are reborn because they still have lessons to learn here on earth. Others go on to be angels. Sometimes serving family, sometimes serving others. And still others stay in heaven because they are on a long rest.

In the end none of it matters. When we die negative emotions won't follow us. The love is what remains. If our loved ones are waiting great. If they have gone on to do other things that will be ok too. We won't feel a further sense of loss or longing. Because we all go on to other things.

I don't like the idea "to do other things" meanwhile my loved one do the same somewhere...when i met him i felt immediately as i knew him before...i want feel again that amazing emotions...i read that to rebirth take at least a 100 there is time to one knows exactly what i only believe what i like...and meet him again is my first wish ciao Roxi 

A Reiki practitioner shared this with me - her opinion is that people who have passed on do not reincarnate for many years. Like Roxi brought up, maybe a hundred years? Meanwhile, the practitioner said these people stay on that side for a while if they want to check in on their loved ones on this side.  

Alma talked about the passed ones being reborn because they still have lessons to learn. In that case, I don't want hubby to be reborn because lessons can be so difficult. I'd rather have him waiting on that side for me.

I have been doing this each time I know I'm about to go into an "extreme" state of loss again. I immediately talk to hubby (in my head or aloud, depends on where I am). I may say something which I would have said to him, like - "all right, all right, let's get this done first", or, "okay, I know, do something, let's find something to do". This seems to jolt my mind, like taking an internal deep breath, and my mind shifts. The grief is still there but it's not controlling me. This method has worked pretty good. But if I do break down, I just let the crying happen. Then, I'll tell him, "okay, we're done with that, let's do something".

I believe that a lot of how I am coping has to do with hubby on the other side supporting me. He knows I manage and organize and I do get on with it. Yesterday, as I was sharing and crying with a friend on the phone, my tv suddenly turned on. It was a very good moment although it reminded me that hubby was not here anymore. 

So, back to rebirth, if it does take as long as a hundred years to manifest...what's best for hubby? To hang out with me while I go on here, or what does his soul want to do next?

Maggiepie.   No  one  living  has  any control  over  what   happens in  the  after life...not   for  themselves  nor for  others.   A  far  greater  source  overlooks  all   of this  for  eternity.  Why  spend  even one moment  guessing  or imagining?  If , in  some way we  will  be  reunited  with  loved  ones... a million  hours  spent wondering will  still  not  give  us  a definitive answer.  We  will  not  know  until  the  time  comes  when  it is  revealed  to us.  

What we  do  have  is  the gift  to  make  choices  here  and  now.   Choices  that  will  give  us  something  to say  when  we  die  and  if  we   face  accountability .  When  we  are  asked  one  question,  "  What  did  you  do ( on  earth ) with  what  I  gave  you?"  An  earthly  marriage  has  a spiritual  component  but  once we  leave  earth our  new  spiritual state  no  longer  includes  an  earthly  marriage  at least  in  my  belief .    Everyone  has  their  own  ideas  and  beliefs   and  widowhood   certainly   brings  mindful  thinking into  the  equation.   No  one  is  right.  No  one  is  wrong.  We  simply  do  not know.  Accepting  this  brings  peace.

Well said Laura! 

There's a very interesting documentary on Amazon called Life Afterlife, I Died Now What.  Amazing that the mediums were asked the same questions and had the same answers. 

Maggie, stay curious.  This life on earth isn't easy, but we chose it for the learning experience.



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