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I believe in rebirth. Based on that, I was wondering. If a person has passed on, and is rebirthed, while their loved one is still living in the current lifetime, can the person passed on (now in rebirth state) still "connect" to the loved one?

Like I said, just wondering, one of those things that keep me up at night.

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Thanks for letting us know about Life Afterlife. When I'm in the mood, I might try watching it. 

Yes, I'm curious, open and willing. 

Yes, well said. I have been receiving several signs from hubby. We're connected except we are living on different sides. As for a spiritual/earthly marriage, yes, there is no right or wrong. From what I've experienced through the signs from hubby, I feel that hubby and I are still happily connected.

Maggie, kudos to your hubby for the signs!  And yes, you and hubby ARE connected and always will be.

Stephen recently sent a sign to me in the form of a text from a relative.  She swears she did not initiate that text, it came mysteriously.  It was a link to a Barbra Streisand song.  We weren't followers of her, but this particular song's message, wow.  It's the song Someday.  And when I listened to it, my body was absolutely electric with buzzing.  Yep, definitely a sign. 

Hugs, Shirley

I've run into a theory that talks about us having different parts of the soul/spirit- the ancestral part (i.e. where that individual's memories, personality, etc are stored) is different than the bit that gets reborn in that particular theory. I can't remember the name or which spiritual tradition it comes from, unfortunately.

Personally, I don't expect to be on the same plane as my partner until I pass. (And it sounds Extremely Uncomfortable to me to one day find his spirit in the body of a baby or child, frankly!) I believe Skip's spirit will be around for me as long as I need or want him to be, just as in life. I think any parting of ways would be a mutual, loving decision, just as if one decided to get divorced in life. Granted, I can't imagine deciding I was ready for his spirit to be elsewhere, but who know what the future may eventually bring. Wow, now I'm imagining say, 20 years down the line getting an excited message from him that he's been offered a Very Important Job, and how do I feel about him going and doing the thing? Wouldn't that be a trip.

I wonder if that's the Akashic records you are talking about. These records contain every thought, action, absolutely everything that a soul has experienced. I've heard of soul realignment. Not too sure that anyone on this plane of human existence can actually reach or manipulate what is a universal energy. That's just me, wondering and probably being skeptical. 


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