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   I have been told by my Son & Daughter in Law that I must eat... Eat ? Why ? Who is fixing it ? Not me, I cook and bake for two or more. I have a feeling everyone here has heard the same thing. " Mom, Did you eat yet ? " .

   So I would like everyone, only if they want to, share the food/recipe they use. It doesn't even have to a real recipe. Just something YOU like to throw together.

   The first thing I made for myself after, well, you know, is a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Roast Beef on it.  Just put Mayonnaise on 2 slices of bread instead of butter. ( It works great ) Then put Cheese and some slices of Roast Beef Or whatever lunchmeat you have on hand. Put in skillet and brown. Just like plain grilled cheese.  It's my go to food. Easy and good.

    Remember, It's sad, but true, Your cooking for YOU. Fix something YOU like. And remember also, He / She would want you to eat and take care of yourself.

Warm Regards,


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Hi Again,

     I just thought of my other Go To Food ...  My Daughter In Law introduced me to these... Dole Salad Kits !  Easy and good. I buy the Caeser Kits. one will last me a few days.  Of course, if you want to, you can always add more to it. ...  Sometimes I buy a HANDFUL of Shrimp to put on mine. A handful is a couple dollars.  So it's not much. 


Susan, cooking for ourselves isn't the same as preparing food to please our spouses. I tried a lot harder, in fact, my husband was an insulin dependent diabetic so balanced meals on time was necessary. For the first year, I lived on frozen entrees but then because of my own health issues, I knew I had to begin cooking healthy meals for myself. I often cook and freeze single portions for use when I've had a busy day or just feel lazy. I microwave veggies and I use leftovers too. Most nights I prepare dinner in 15-20 min. as I try to keep things simple but nutritious. I do remember the days when food was of little interest, yet alone preparing it. However, I think it is important to take good care of ourselves especially during this time--grief takes a toll on our bodies. It is hard for many of us to do for a while but in time, we figure out how to simplify preparation and regain our interest in food and eating healthier. I freeze soups, stews, Spanish rice, meatballs in sauce, stuffed peppers, roast beef in gravy, meatloaf all in individual servings. Another thing I have learned to do is do the cooking earlier in the day because later in the day, I tend to lose interest!

Hi Callie,

   True, it's not the same. Paul wasn't on a REAL strict diet. Although I was advised to cut down on his sugar intake

   You brought up a great idea. Freezing food..

    At first I didn't want to eat ANYTHING... So I'm just bringing up easy things that can be thrown together with hardly any thought.

Eggs are always one of those easy things to make. I love eggs & cheese.


I love egg omelets! You can put anything in them including cheese. I remember sometimes I would actually forget to eat, that is how disinterested I would be, so I know food is often the last thing on our minds. That is why I began cooking earlier in the day. Then I reheat it (nuke it) at dinner. Otherwise, might end up eating a bowl of cereal instead of cooking! Extra, if possible, I freeze for later. It simplifies things and cuts down on cleanup too. Some people will not eat "leftovers" but I do just as long as it's in a day or so.

 Hi Callie,

   Omelets are good.  You can add anything you have on hand. No need to go out and buy special ingredients.


   When it's cool / cold out, I love baking stuff and freezing it. I didn't do much of that year. But I'm looking forward to it this year. 



I open a tin of cannelini beans, warm them in a pan, drain them and add a tin of tuna and a little bit of olive oil. I eat that with either green salad or watercress a couple of times a week. I don't really like cooking or doing dishes and I don't have a dishwasher.

:-) Great!

Fiber&  protein :-) 


Grieving has made me feel hungrier, like I'm trying to fill a void.

I made myself a big Shepherd's Pie yesterday which I have with a salad.  I also love to eat stir fries and throw in whatever I have left in the fridge....DH hated stir fries.

Mmmm. Shepherds pie! Sounds yummy.

I'm eating a lot less meat and experimenting with different starches such as quinoa, farro, lentils, etc. instead of pasta and potatoes.  DH used to do all the cooking so at first I kept making the same things (generally stir-fried veggies with some meat thrown in) but now I get on the Internet and look up recipes and adapt them.  There are so many spices in the cabinet DH bought and then didn't use very much so I'm looking for recipes that contain them.  I don't have a problem with making 1/4 the recipe, or making half the recipe and using it for 2 meals.   

Good for you Athena. It's so important to stay positive and enjoy cooking & eating. We should be thankful we can still do these things. It's too easy to wallow, isn't it. Hugs to you ☺

I just quit eating after Doug died.  I lost 50 pounds in 4 months.  For me it was my dr who helped.  He said you take care of your pets.(He knows they are everything to me) when do you feed them.  I said morning & evening.  His reply was; then when you feed your pets, you feed you.  That's what I did. It really helped me.


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