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   I have been told by my Son & Daughter in Law that I must eat... Eat ? Why ? Who is fixing it ? Not me, I cook and bake for two or more. I have a feeling everyone here has heard the same thing. " Mom, Did you eat yet ? " .

   So I would like everyone, only if they want to, share the food/recipe they use. It doesn't even have to a real recipe. Just something YOU like to throw together.

   The first thing I made for myself after, well, you know, is a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Roast Beef on it.  Just put Mayonnaise on 2 slices of bread instead of butter. ( It works great ) Then put Cheese and some slices of Roast Beef Or whatever lunchmeat you have on hand. Put in skillet and brown. Just like plain grilled cheese.  It's my go to food. Easy and good.

    Remember, It's sad, but true, Your cooking for YOU. Fix something YOU like. And remember also, He / She would want you to eat and take care of yourself.

Warm Regards,


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Hi Imogen,

   Sounds like you have a good Dr. :-)


When I saw a medium 5 months after Frank passed, one of the things he said was, "You're not cooking and baking any more, Frank misses that and wants you to continue." It was true, so I did go back to cooking and baking. And I talk to Frank and tell him, you would like this. Or after I eat, I say, "Good fare" which is what he would say.

I was just thinking of this today, I made pasta with ground beef and sauce and chickpeas, had enough for two meals. When Frank was well he wanted to make his own food, and I would make mine, usually enough for two meals. Then he would say, after he had eaten his, "Can I try some of yours?" and he would wind up finishing it. No more leftovers!! God I miss him.

Hi Barb.

   It sounds like you both loved cooking. Paul was a cook... He taught me several things about cooking. Our son is also a good cook and Griller! 

   Keep cooking !



Frozen pasta blobs. This takes awhile to prepare, but so worth it to have on hand.

Put a pot of water on to boil. Brown up to  a pound, whatever you have, of ground meat, bite size raw chicken, or loose sausage/sausage coins in a pan [optional]. Add olive oil if needed. Chop up whatever veggies you have (including leftover salad, wilty celery, slightly squishy peppers . . .  ) and throw in the pan to cook a bit. Add garlic, oregano, basil if you wish. Deglaze the pan with wine, beer, broth, or water. Meanwhile, dump your pound of pasta in the pot of water and cook, leave very al dente. Mix the pasta and cooked veggies in the pot with a jar of spaghetti sauce or a can of chopped tomatoes. (If you didn't cook meat, you can add chopped or shredded cooked meat -- like chicken or ham -- here.) Add a cup of shredded parm, cubed mozzarella, or any kind of chopped up cheese. Mix in one beaten egg. Dump in a casserole dish and bake 1/2 hour. Eat some right away if you are hungry. You can make a "Mexican" version with different spicing.

Set out to cool and scoop serving size blobs onto a cookie sheet (or muffin tin). Put in freezer. When frozen, wrap in plastic wrap and put in Ziploc bags. I found these heat up nicely on the "casserole" setting on my microwave.

I have never had luck freezing cooked pasta, it gets mushy when thawed.

Well sauced (think of Stouffer's frozen lasagna) seems to work best for me with regard to mush. I don't know why; not a chemist or whatever.

Good Afternoon!

    Right now I have water boiling... No, that's not supper.... I put store bought Frozen Ravioli in it to fix... Pour my favorite salad dressing over it. And Vloila! Lunch ? Supper :-)  ( My dressing is Half Creamy French mixed with Half Hellmann's Mayo And  large sprinkle of Old Bay )

P.S. .... My favorite Ravioli is stuffed with Cheese or Seafood. 


I am trying to eat more veggies. Of my own volition, I might go days without really eating any. My favorite veggie preparation is baked squash or zucchini. I slice the squash fairly thinly, making enough to cover a baking pan I've sprayed with olive oil or another cooking spray. I also add some of the oil on top of the squash. Then I salt and pepper to taste, and bake in the oven at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes, (may take more or less depending on thickness...I just check on them from time to time). Will taste the best if you flip them partway through cooking and season the other side as well...then both sides brown a little and both sides are tasty!

This is a fairly easy and delicious late-night snack for me.

Same here, Debbie.  I have been roasting veggies a lot too.  I was never a big veggie eater before, but now I've learned to roast a couple pans of mixed veggies tossed in oil and seasoned with herbs, s and p. Just put the soft and hard ones on different pans so I can remove the one before the other.  I use them with eggs, in pasta sauce, sandwiches, pita pizzas.  It's amazing how sweet they taste after roasting.

I also discovered salt and vinegar potatoes.  I love salt and vinegar potato chips but these are healthier.  Slice taters and parboil in vinegar, salt and water.  Let them sit for a while, then drain, dry, and roast (tossed in oil) or fry.

And I grind up veggies and add to ground beef for meatloaf.  My late husband was a meat eater, except he liked artichokes, which I never really enjoyed preparing.  I really don't miss cooking or eating meat for every meal.


That sounds good. And those are coming into season now! Try adding a little Parmesan cheese on top! Very Good !



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