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I don't want to clog up T's Headstone discussion with pictures, but thought it might be nice to have a place to share who's of our departed spouse's final resting places, this could include a cemetery plot, the place where ashes were scattered, or even a picture of the urn in a piano room or a teddy bear with ashes inside.  This discussion is a place to share and find ideas with one another.

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My hubby's ashes are in a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey. (If you knew Mike, you would know how fitting that was. He would have gotten a kick out of it. We emptied the bottle at his not-really-a-funeral-more-of-a-wake, and left one shot's worth in it for him.)

I bought a tag from a little shop on Etsy called 'The Copper Poppy' as something of a 'marker' to hang around it. You can't see it in the pic, but I later added our wedding rings on a ribbon around the neck of the bottle. (I photoshopped out part o' the birthdate & such, so that's not a mistake in the engraving. Just my attempt at some level of privacy.)

My sister-in-law got matching mini bottles of Jameson, and she, my in-laws, and my husband's best friend each have their own small bottles of my husband's ashes.

My husband was 6'3" and over 200 pounds, so even with the big  bottle and the extra bottles, we still ended up with another box of ashes when all was said and done. Still trying to decide what (if anything) to do with those.

The Jameson bottle and the box are currently sitting on my bookshelf, along with some photos of him, me and our kids.

Here's the shelf. The kids added an Easter Bunny Eeyore, because my husband loved Eeyore. It's sitting on top of the extra box o' ashes I mentioned above. We also have his glasses/glasses case on the shelf, too.
Sorry if this is too morbid, but I think it would be sorta neat to build the bottle a stand that looks sort of like an open casket to display it.

Well... they are ashes, so I don't think it could be too much more morbid than that. :P

I actually kind of like that idea--like a take on a vintage whiskey box...

I like this, whoknows - and the mini Jameson bottles for the family.
Thanks... When his family and I were sitting together hours after he passed, we were discussing things in between moments of shocked silence, and his father mentioned scattering his ashes, and I said, "Well, [our daughter] told me earlier that she really wants us to keep his ashes. What if we put the ashes in a bottle of Jameson's?" And his whole family started laughing, and they said, "That would be perfect. He would love that." The mini bottles were a great off-shoot of that. I think it really honored his personality, while honoring his family, as well.

This is great.  Quick glance at the photo he is very similar to my hubby who was a baldy with a mow and goatie, wore glasses and loved his whiskey too.  I donated his glasses at the funeral home who send them off to the 3rd world countries (which is what we did with my mums).  I thought about it after and thought I should of kept them as the last time he updated them he spent a fortune on them and got titanium ones.  Supposedly they would last for life with only the lenses needing changing.  But as my father-in-law said they did last him for life!  Well said I thought so then I felt ok.


Thank you for sharing that.. Just gave me goose bumps and made me tear up a little, somehow. Just knowing that people take a look at that and are moved w/ their own memories, too... just makes me feel really connected to him, somehow... makes me feel like I am continuing to honor his memory and letting him touch people, somehow... 

(have i said somehow enough?)

I love this idea.  I have two (empty) wine bottles that have important meaning for me and Amy.  One from our honeymoon and one from an early date.  So far her ashes have been in a plain box on the mantel...  We also have her eye glasses on the mantel.  Funny thing about glasses...

Mike and I both had 1/2 of a prescription in common, so if we were to put on each other's glasses, we could each see clearly out of one eye.

I'm hanging onto the glasses especially for our 3 year old son. As is often the case, Mike and I got more footage/pictures of the kids than of ourselves, but one of the videos he was actually in has him holding our son when he was somewhere around 19 or 20 months old. In the video, our son is trying to grab the glasses from Mike's face (as little ones often do) and Mike takes them off and pops them on our son's face. I imagine our son will probably want to have the glasses from the video, just as a little piece of a memory.

this is awesome!!!

Fantastic hubby was also a whiskey have definately put an idea into my head.  At his funeral most of the slideshow he had a drink in his hand.  And at the wake afterwards we definately drank some whiskey.

At present his ashes are still in the box next to my bed.  Unfortunately Jim Beam bottles are clear so don't want to put the ashes into a clear bottle. might do a bit more investigating on this one.



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