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I am so angry and at the same time emotionally set back. Yesterday I received a call and the caller I.D. showed it to be my husband calling from my phone. I almost picked up thinking it was my son, when I realized I didn't have my son listed the way it came up. That's when my eyes looked at the number. It was my phone calling itself. While I know this has been going on for a lot of years because my sister has been a widow for 10 years now, and she received one 2 years after her husband passed, it still created pain that these scammers don't seem to be aware of. This morning I received another and now I am beyond hurt, I am angry with no outlet for it so, here I am venting. It will be a year for me next month and I resent being used by scammers! Hopefully they will realize I do not answer calls that I do not know and will stop. The emotions are too high for these games.

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Sis, I know how upsetting that can be. If you have the message recorder— I would let it go, don’t answer it.  I will answer calls only if the caller identifies him or herself and leaves a message. I will pick up before they hang up or will call back if I am busy.

I don’t know why we are forced to put up with this nonsense, we pay monthly for phone service, this gets more and more out of hand. I keep thinking of having it disconnected but that’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face. I’ve been on both do not call lists but that has become useless, almost a joke.

Sorry this keeps happening to you, I don’t know if contacting your provider would help. There may be a way of blocking it.  Some phones I believe, have the ability to block so maybe that could be an option though I don’t know how that would work exactly since their number is shielded with yours.  Good luck. This type of thing continues with many of us— my phone rings all day. You have to wonder if scammer has become a profession for a lot of people.


God only knows what they expect to get from those calls and of course, they have virtually no idea of their impact.

Susan's family had breast cancer, and my mother died of it.  Every year, no matter how many times I told them that she'd passed, I kept getting calls for Susan.  "Is she there? Can I please speak to her?" 

So far, this year I've heard nothing.

As part of the new way to get our attention, they now can have the phone number that shows up on our phones mimic a number that is in our area instead of a number that is the other side of the country or even outside of our country.

As has been mentioned, since Susan passed, I no longer directly answer the phone.  Instead I wait. If the caller starts to leave a message and it is someone I know, then I'll pick up the phone and answer it in the middle of their message.



sis...My  foolproof  method of getting  phone  scammers to  STOP calling  is better  explained  in person  on the phone  but I'll  give it a try here and now.   You answer  the call  BUT  you only  speak  one (1) word of English  and that word is  "Hello".  After  that  not  one more  word of  English  do you ever say to the caller!  What  you do is to begin to speak  in a made up  nonexistent language/nonsense  words.   The caller  will  continue to say things  in English  but  you must not  speak  English   you continue  to speak in a non language.  Speak  with  firm  voice  not  angry  and not  sweetly  but   firmly.  No matter  what they  say  you continue  your  made up  language.     I have  used  this   dozens of times  and never  had  anyone   call  from   the same number  more than  once/maybe twice-  It  goes  like  this....Hello? ~   Hello is   Miss  Smith there? ~  hello.   youga   vert  matta  binret iggs  mant?~   miss  smith  please.  ~  hello   nont pio lim vart  sagga non?   hello~  is miss  smith  there? ~  nont weggie mont  un quin sada bukpol! ~  and  so  like a charm  if you  do not get  angry and  do not  say anything  they can understand  besides  hello.   Puts  you in charge  they do not  call  back---if they  do...just repeat  same thing.  You  will  laugh  after  they hang up.   Also,  it keeps  you from getting  hurt  by their  thoughtlessness- and it's  a fair  reply...they  have no common  sense  calling  you  and  you  return  no  sense  to them.     

I'm sorry for you but relieved this has happened to someone else.  A few weeks after my husband died I also got calls showing my husband's name as the caller.  It made me feel so scared and really bothered me. I felt like I was going crazy!  It happened again a few months later, and this time I picked up.  There was nobody there.  It makes me sick even thinking about it.  It had never happened when my husband was alive.  I don't know if this is a sick joke someone does or what, but it is cruel.  It is so painful, and it set me back emotionally each time, just as it did you.  I hope it doesn't happen to you again.  I don't think people realize you're not talking about scammers calling and asking for your husband, they are making it look like your husband is calling you after he has died.  It is really a horrible experience.


If your  own number  shows  in the I.D.   you still have  the  option picking up the phone and talking   gibberish.     Before   caller I.D.  this could not happen.  I do believe once  you aware  this  scamming  is common  you will be annoyed  but  not  surprised.  All sorts  of tricks  online and over the phone  happen in today's  world....unfortunately  it is  a sign of our times.   I know I was  scammed  by a fake  IRS call  after my husband died.   What the caller  knew  about  me/us was  astounding and  almost  believable! Questioning a return submitted  by my husband  I was  clueless as he did the taxes.  Anyway,  I phoned  the IRS  to check  about  it and they  told  me  the  scams  are so plentiful  they   have  a whole  department  and a phone number  just to deal with scams.  I was reassured  but what a lesson  to learn. And  I have  an unpublished  number and  keep low  profile.   The  trolls  are still out there.  

Hi, I too, not long after my husband's death received a phone call, Caller ID, our phone number, my husband's name on it.  I picked it up (freaked out) but said "hello?" nothing but static on the line... 

I've talked to other widows who had the same experience... I don't know if you believe in the afterlife... but I do, so think of it as your husband reaching out to you, from the other side.. esp. if it's just static when you answer.  I've read that spirits can control electronics, which would include your phone, so if just static, think of it as positive... 

However, I know there are scammers out there, and companies who have your husband's name on the phone record, and I just recently I got call asking if Robert wanted life insurance, and I said, hell yes! Can you give me life insurance after he's dead?  Whoops, they hung up fast.  I also got a call asking if Robert wanted a newspaper subscription, and I said, "Dead men don't read newspapers." They hung up.

Make sure you have changed your phone# to your name only (with your phone service) -- then don't pick up the phone if you don't know who is calling,

Take care, and sorry for your loss. 

It sucks and yes, you don't need these games. No one does.

Dee 1960, After the initial anger, I, too, thought it may be a little acknowledgement that he is still here. I keep asking, but thus far have not felt any confirmation as I do often when I communicate with him. But, just in case I have not been able to delete those calls from my phone as I do the numerous nuisance calls I get. Thanks to caller id, I don't fall prey to them any longer.

Laurajay, Interesting idea. Right now I just don't answer if I don't know the caller, but you have planted this in my mind for those insistent callers, and I get many of them.

No words for how outrageously callous these phone callers are!!  I am mad with you!  Take some deep slow breaths....and know that your Soaring Spirit family is with you.


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