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Here's a spot where you can post your special September remembrances - wedding anniversaries, birthdays, anniversaries of your loss, children's weddings, etc. - and discuss the plans you have to get through those potentially hard days. 

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Definitely drooling NoLongerInBergenJC!

I remember making pies when Patrick and I were dating.  We'd gone to Pennsylvania Dutch one day and I picked up one of those Pie recipe booklets.  His favorite by far was "Coconut Cream Pie."  He could eat the entire pie in one sitting but wouldn't gain an ounce because he'd simply burn the calories playing Judo.  Thank you for transporting me to that happy memory.  I've shed a few tears in private today and I truly needed one.  His favorite cake was Strawberry Shortcake.  Perhaps I'll make one soon and serve it to others to enjoy.

My genuine and heartfelt condolences on the loss of your father as well as your husband.

Thank you for helping a fellow widow smile today.

It will be 5 years since Justin is gone on Monday, September 26th.  I'm asking those to Light Up the Universe for Justin.

He loved lighting candles for what ever the reason was.  Love to see many candles lit.

((((((Hugs))))) and love

Today marks 6 years for me.

Thinking of you Dianne today - and walking besides you.  I just absolutely love this and  know that Vern is walking besides you
and so very honored and proud of you.   Sending you must love today.

Truly beautiful and inspiring Dianne.  Also walking beside you and I echo Judy's sentiment.

Love and Peace...

((((Hugs )))))
So true!

Tough day and night as I prepare for my Silver Anniversary trip w/o my Patrick physically at my side.  Was very busy at work, which kept me distracted for the most part, but I occasionally felt my eyes well up and kept trying to push those emotions away until I could deal with them in private.  Definitely not easy! A colleague at work asked me how I was doing and I could barely get the words, "Can't talk about that now" out.

I've travelled since losing Patrick but this trip was supposed to be our milestone anniversary that we were planning for.  It was supposed to be in Paris and we were planning on renewing our vows and enjoying a second honeymoon.  Well, it's not going to be Paris but I am going on a trip that I had dreamed of taking him on and that he would have truly loved.  Trying to figure out how I can put a small measure of his ashes somewhere in my purse or baggage that I can discretely take with me and sprinkle them in a certain destination.9/28/1991 - 2016


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