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Everyone on this board, including myself, goes through an extra-tough time with the loss of their spouse. I don't know if this topic has been brought up before, but to make light of the discussion board, feel free to share the best/funniest memory you shared with your spouse! I know I have quite a few. 

Have fun posting, 

- David 

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As I am getting ready to go to bed and just looking at site to see what is new, I find this.  I am not posting best/funniest yet, because I am going to think about it as I am falling asleep. Just the prospect has made me smile.  Thank you for starting this venue for memories.  I have a bundle (just as we all do).


Best-when I met him...I was in the middle of my marriage breaking up, and he came into the produce market I was working at.  He asked where the potatoes is the ONLY thing in the whole store that had an awning above it labeled potatoes.  No mistaking that it was "a line".  He asked if I was single and I said no...but after he checked out, I ran outside and asked him if I could let him know if that changed (my ex-husband and I were already in the middle of divorce).  So months later, we ran into each other again (I was no longer working there), and the rest is history...the love of my life for 17 years. other two hours, something else will be my Best memory, and I will probably post that.

Liz, I LOVE this !!!!!!   What a wonderful story!  I absolutely love this.


Hello Folks, 

My wife always said you don't mess up much. with this one exception.  I am always in a hurry to get things done quickly.  I hate to waste time, patience was never my virtue.  When my daughter was real small she had a small rash appear from training pants.  The doctor told my wife to use A&D Ointment.

Welllllllllll Ellen placed the ointment where we put the TOOTHPASTE.  Yes folks, in a hurry, I grabbed the non fluoride tube.  I will let you imagination finish the rest of my enlightened experience, that just made my day.

My wife and daughter never let me forget.......My daughter still ribs me about it.


We were not the best at directions...when we crossed over into Canada on a vacation, we got turned around and before you know it, we were back in the United States...and then we were back in Canada.  On the second go round, the boarder guards (or whatever you call them) had the security dogs sniff through our car...what a hoot!!!


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