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As if losing a spouse isn't difficult enough, the travel industry generally targets couples and families for "getaways" and, more often than not, unless at least two people are in a room, you are charged extra if you occupy the room alone. 

I've been on a couple of special trips since my darling husband died suddenly from a fatal heart attack nearly 3 1/2 years ago.  My first solo trip was during the year mark of his passing, I went on an escorted tour to Iceland to experience the Northern Lights, which we had hoped to do together.  The year after that I signed up for an escorted Oktoberfest tour to celebrate commemorate what would have been our Silver Anniversary.  In each case, I was charged extra to stay in the room because I was not sharing it with anyone.

I have friends but most are either married or have grandchildren and other family that they travel with and they cannot really abandon their families or spouses to travel with "the widow."  Moreover, while my funds are not without limit, I find that many cannot afford going to places that I'd like to visit.  My husband and I never had any human children.  We had a canine son - a Westie - whom is pretty much hanging out with his dad these days.  I have a driver's license but it's essentially a license to kill because I was never really a true driver.  Neither of my parents ever drove and my only sibling is also on the other side of the veil.  I tried taking refresher driving lessons but, I can't find a dependable person that I can consistently practice with.

I don't want to join a single's travel group because I'm not looking for anyone and, I don't ant to share a room with anyone I don't know.  For nearly a quarter of a century I shared hotel rooms with only my husband and we had our own rhythm/routine.  I know, that's gone and I have to suck it up and move forward.

Can anyone suggest a travel company that is not so expensive and does not penalize people monetarily just because they prefer to travel alone?  It just seems as if every flippin' e-mail, flyer, website, radio or TV announcement advertising a vacation destination, targets couples and families. 

Please don't misunderstand me, I'm genuinely happy for those couples and families who are lucky enough to have found love and who are able to enjoy time with their families.  I just hate being singled out and charged more for my own experience.

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Nieta, this is nothing new. It is the way business operates, unfortunately. Guess they could offer single rates first and then offer a discount for two, which would amount to the same price anyway. Full capacity earns them more money so I guess they have the right. However, I often thought about it just like you. The fact is, there are a lot of single people that would enjoy traveling but there are no real invitations out there. (Or enticements) I wouldn't want to double with a stranger or someone I barely knew. I have wondered if singles were more welcomed, whether they would take advantage? Maybe it would be worth trying during an "off season".

I know there are things like singles cruises. Yeah, I guess this is the way it is. I really don't know what individual hotel and motel rules are--they would have to allow a single but would charge the double rate. Maybe others here can say which chains may be more hospitable as I do not really travel anymore.


   I don't know if I would like going on a singles cruise etc. Anything geared towards singles. Wouldn't that more or less say " Hey, she's single, lets bother her " ... I would not like that.  

   Paul & I always wanted to travel to Hong Kong, Australia , Germany & Ireland.  I just got back from San Diego a few days ago. I'm lucky I went that far. It was my first trip alone.

   I don't know if Hotels etc have specials for singles. I never even thought of that before. I just ask for a Single, Non Smoking room. Plus I use my Triple AAA discount.



Newer cruise ships have some cabins for solo travelers.

One of the cruises we went on, we met up with a group of three women who became friends on a cruise years ago. They live in different cities and take cruises together a few times a year.


   The sound of " Solo Traveler " sounds good! ... And I DID love our Alaskan Cruise back in 2010... I'm just not sure I could do that alone.  I'll nee a whole bunch of courage for that. 



I would not want to be bothered in that way either.  Your trip sounds amazing.  Since posting this discussion, I have come across hotels that do just charge a per day rate as opposed to a per person.  Not always easy to find, but they are out there. 

Thanking everyone so much for replying and for suggestions.  Those who have traveled, are traveling or plan to have amazing adventures that are wonderful to hear about.

I definitely would not want to be bothered in that way.  I'm just not on the market and don't want to give that impression.  If I do go on a cruise, I'd just go on a regular one and try to enjoy myself as best I can.  I'm happy to see a show and take in the sights while off the ship.  Trying to get in shape again so that I can feel comfortable in a swimsuit.  I don't really care about looking good for anyone else - just want to be comfortable in my own skin.

I have AAA membership and discounts which I can take a look at.  Thank you for that tip/reminder.  Hoping I can get my driving muscles again one day.  I pretty much have a license to kill because I got my license 30 years ago but was never a real driver.  My Patrick would drive whenever we rented a car or had a company car.

Lots of changes...

I'm going on an Overseas Adventure Travel tour to India and Nepal with my aunt next year; I don't think they have a single supplement. (We're not sharing a room.)  I did get hit with an extra cost on Uncruise Adventures; single is 175% of the per-person double-occupancy- but I had such a darn good time with them on the Panama/Costa Rica cruise I'll be booking another tour with them.

I did realize I'm more inclined to do some things because I don't have to pay for two people.  When Ron and I were in Iceland in 2015 we looked at a day trip to Greenland and it would have cost about $1,000 for the two of us.  I'm going to Iceland next month.  And I'm going to Greenland!  I'm also hoping to go to Australia in late 2019 in Business Class- the airfare is staggering but not as bad as it wold be for two.  So, it cuts both ways.


   I hope you have a wonderful time ! :-) 



Your trips/adventures, sound amazing!  Wishing you a wonderful time!


I totally agree.  I travel with my dogs & Canada has caught on to this new huge part of hotel business.  Another way to suck us dry.  I have only my two dogs to travel with.  They charge up $150.00 deposit if the dig wrecks the room,  I kid will do more damage than my dogs.  Yet they stay free.  Makes no sense.  Also I had to pay an extra $25.00 a night.  I asked why & she said "Because then they have to wash all the bedding."  I said  "don't you always?????"  She said no they don't' have to..  Yuck  I will travel with a sleeping bag from now on.  I never want my dogs staying on the gross comforter any way so i bring my own blanket for them to lay on the bed.  They have to realize, my spouse is dead, this is my family.  Don't treat us like outcasts.  One hotel even had no dogs rooms left.  So they lost money that night.

Even if I traveled on a dream "Biking Cruise ship"  I would still want my own room.  But I don't think it needs to be so high difference from single to double.  But of course we are widows now so we are rich.  One more person says that  & I won't be responsible.

I want to travel the southern states, go to a country fair, & every antique store there is.

Hi Imogen,

Wow! totally disgusting about the "they don't have to clean the sheets" for humans?  OMG!  They should change/wash/sterilize the sheets with every new guest!  Even more incredible is that that the employee or proprietor admitted it!

And, I agree kids can do more damage than pets.  I would understand a charge if your pet damaged or ruined anything, but there is no refund on a charge or deposit if/when no damage occurs. 

Like you, I definitely like having my own room. This illusion that all widows are rich is such a ridiculous stereotype.

Thank you for sharing your own experience.

Wishing you strength and courage on journey and, wishing us both a more caring and honest travel industry.

The year after Doug died I did not want to here for the "anniversary"  so I planned a trip to the UK a week in Edinburgh & a week in London.  I didn't do a tour or anything just every day did my own thing.  I couldn't believe how I was so noticed I was alone.  Waiters asked me, store clerks, I did an afternoon walking tour of the Royal Mile and a man from the US couldn't take it any more,  Finally asked me he could tell I was Canadian  ( don't think I said eh hahahah) "So how could I be so far on my own?  "why did you come on your own?  "Aren't you worried travelling alone?"

I thought I would just blend in & no one would notice me.  That's when I learned how much we singles stand out.  I ate in a restaurant once in each city & haven't done it again, not even here.  Feel way too much like a loser.


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