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Are there any snowbirds faced with deciding what to do about their winter home? My husband (gone 6 months now) and I had bought a condo in Florida which we absolutely loved to spend time in together. We both loved it but the be st part was being there together after years of very busy lives working, running a business and raising children. It was our happy place. Now I am almost dreading going there and being on my own. I am so torn. I wonder if I should just sell it but I really love the condo and its location. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and what did you end up doing?

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Maggie, I don't have this kind of issue so I hope you'll get some good counsel.  

For my 2 cents, you should follow your heart.  If it were me being at (6 months out) I would give going to FL a try at least once.  If you go and find it unbearable then you'll have your answer.   Maybe you have a friend who'd like to come down and stay with you part of the winter?  

Best of luck with whatever you decide. 

We used to snowbird but always rented a condo, never owned. In fact he passed away down there (AL). I went down a couple of years by myself but finally gave it up and stayed up north all last winter. I didn't like the 3 day drive by myself and it was tough to be in a place with so many happy couples.

I think you should try it for at least one winter and see how it goes.

Hi Maggie,

My only advice is do not do make any major decisions for a minimum of 1 year.    If you can afford financially to keep both properties going, I would do so.  Spend the winter in Florida.   If you find that it is more than you can handle after a few months, fly home and spend the remainder of the winter in your northern home.

I spent 2 winters in Florida before I finally pulled the plug and sold the northern home.  I am now living full-time in Florida.  Do I regret selling the home.   No.  I just didn't have the want or the energy to maintain the home, property, etc. 

Again, just don't make any knee-jerk decisions.   Take your time. 


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