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Have you thought about going to or gone to a medium to try and make contact with your spouse?  I have thought about it and would love to try it but am not sure how to go about finding a legitamate one.  I would love to hear that he is here with me, watching over me and that he is okay and happy.  Do you believe in them or do you think its a waste of money?  What are your experiences or thoughts. 

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I've never been to one, but would love to go. A friend I met here told me she went to one and she wan very pleased. She also told me that she now knew that my husband was with me all the time. She made me feel so much better. I'm sorry that she doesn't come on much anymore but she lives in New Jersey and that's where she found the person that she saw.

There is one on TV from NJ that I have thought about calling.  She seems like shes really good, but then I think its a tv show, it could all be fake, who knows.  Im hoping someone here will refer someone that can be trusted.

I would absolutely go to a medium if I could find one!  I did go to a psychic shortly after his death who told me things about his ex-wife and his kids and I had NEVER told her that it was our second marriage.  In fact, I didn't tell her anything personal like that.  I never even told her he had died and she knew that.   If anyone finds a way as to how to find a medium, I would definitely be interested!

I just posted an article I wrote in 2003 about my experience with a medium- I highly recommend her.

Wishing you all strength and comfort...


Just went to your site and read the article.  I also watched the video .... it was wonderful!

Thanks for posting that.  :)

Thanks for posting the article.  

Thank you for sharing. My Rodney firmly believed in the existence of our souls after death...I have thought about contacting a medium. Perhaps I will give it a try.

I have been to several in my life but only one since Steve's death Mary and I HIGHLY recommend Mary.

 She was suggested to me by a friend just after Steve died, took me until this past January to get the courage to call her.  Mary was SPOT on about several things and one topic we discussed, I knew there was NO WAY she would have ever known unless she was able to "speak" to Steve .  Also, before she began to share with me, she told me that a very distinguished (sp??) older man was present, his name began with a "J"....that would have been my grandfather, Jack, and he resembled Clark Gable, stood 6'2.  My grandfather has been present in only 2 of my dreams since his death 10 years ago.  HOWEVER, when he appears it means that this message is important and I had better be paying attention! 

Love & Light






Wow Kris, thats so cool.  I will definitely have to check her out.   Was it over the phone that you did this or did you have to meet with her?

Sorry, Michelle, just saw this ( not sure how I missed it) but anyway, I spoke to Mary over the phone.  As I said before, she was spot on many things.  I laughed, I cried.  She told me my grandfather acknowledged a new baby arriving in our family and my niece was pregnant, however, she had only told her mother( my sister) who then told me.  They hadn't told anyone else nor announced it on FB (as young peeps do these days) She told me that Steve was proud of the arrangments made for his services and was happy with all the choice, but specifically the casket and he wanted me to share the story of the casket selection and believe it or not there is a story.  She was fantastic! I hope you get the chance to speak to her.


Is she a Medium or a Psychic?  I just had a reading from a Psychic named Chris and feel really ripped off.


Did she have you ask questions or did she talk more?


I just want to connect to Justin....

Im so sorry Judy.   I know, I so want to connect with Jim also.  If I find any good info, I will be sure to post. 


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