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Left side sleeper here, as close to the edge as possible. Janet preferred the right side and since I was/am a restless sleeper (and occasional snorer to boot) I slept on the extreme left edge so I wouldn't disturb her sleep. Four years later and I moved to another part of the house, got a king size mattress and find myself still so far to the left that it's amazing I haven't fallen off.

Internet definition of right vs. left side: Most people sleep on their back (or should) thus as you lay down in bed asleep ~ the right hand is on your right side, left hand is on the left side.

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My husband always slept on the side of the bed closest to the door --- to protect me, he said. Even though, I've also moved the bed to a different room,  I still sleep on the same side of the bed -- farthest from the door, which just happens to be the right side of the bed, now my dog sleeps on left side where my husband used too --- close to the door...  (I guess to protect me!) Old habits die hard...

I found myself sticking to "my" side of the bed (left side) for years after Frank died. When I bought  a new bed for my new apt., I now sleep right in the middle.

Does anyone else sometimes get the sensation that there is someone else in the bed with you?

Yes, I've often woken up thinking/sensing my husband next to me... and even turned around to hug him, and then ---  he's not there....  it is weird but has happened to me.

That has happened to me too. Some nights I think I can hear him  breathing. Sleep in the same position but sometimes across the whole bed with my restless legs.

After eight-and-a-half years, I tend to end up in the middle when I wake, no matter which side I choose when nodding off. :-)


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