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I guess I have a reputation here of putting a positive spin on things. I'll take that. As long as you understand that doesn't mean that this has been easy for me or that I don't have any 'down' moments. That said, I'd like to offer this space for only POSITIVE thoughts ... quotes, poems, photos ... things that may help you to feel a little spark of HOPE when you most need it. 

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Mareli.....Wonderful, wonderful news.....God is good...wishes for a full speedy recovery from both...

Congratulations..catapan....that is a weight off your shoulders...

Congrats, catapan. Surely it must feel good to only have one house now to be concerned about.

I finally sold my husband's car. I used it for a while, but it has just sat in the driveway for the last 2 years. The young fellow who sold me my new car bought it and is going to lovingly restore it. It was  hard seeing it loaded up on the tow truck and taken away, but it was time.

I bet it was hard, Dianne.  Congratulations on making such a hard decision.  Sometimes I come upon a picture of me driving up onto a trailer the gorgeous little Mini Cooper Don had bought several years before he died.  I couldn't drive it without crying so I did sell it about 6 months after he died.  The picture still can bring tears to my eyes 5.5 years later.  Selling that car closed the book on part of our life.  Take care!

great news catapan.

Happy to hear good results for your daughter, mareli.

Mareli. that is such wonderful news.  thank you for sharing.  just wonderful.  May your daughter have a joyful, peacefully, productive healthy life.

Thank you,Slick and Dianne in Nevada.
It's a hard decision to sell your husband's car and house.Congratulations on you and catapan.I gave away my husband's clothes but can't leave our flat.So much history and memories of 4 generations.I cry remembering his last night and I still can't believe that he will never ever come back but I will feel worse if I leave our home.This is the only place I feel safe.I will keep and drive his car too.The hardest part is our family business,seing every day his papers,signature,phone,thinking of him,missing him....

I find that capturing images really lifts my sense of well being and joy.


Lev - If you want your photos to show up on the page instead of just links, add them as an image. It's the second icon choice above this box. When you add them using the 'Upload Files' link they just show as attachments.

I posted this in here last year, but I'm thinking there are some who need to hear these words today.


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