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I guess I have a reputation here of putting a positive spin on things. I'll take that. As long as you understand that doesn't mean that this has been easy for me or that I don't have any 'down' moments. That said, I'd like to offer this space for only POSITIVE thoughts ... quotes, poems, photos ... things that may help you to feel a little spark of HOPE when you most need it. 

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I posted this in here last year, but I'm thinking there are some who need to hear these words today.

Thank you 

I saw this on Facebook and it really resonated with me. I'm doing my best to change my lens to celebrate what's right with the world ... what's right in my world.  Dianne

This is a TEDx talk by Dewitt Jones, a National Geographic photographer.  It's worth your time.

Hi Diane.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

I think that loving the self goes together with celebrating what is right with the world.

I really needed to listen to this Tedtalk.

I have saved it so that I can play it every day until celebrating what is right with the world becomes a way of life for me.



I love Rachel Macy Stafford's words. She always seems to hit the mark.

I posted something I wrote, but felt it was a bit melancholy, so I'll put it in my blog instead. I am reading a book by Helen Keller, who I feel is so inspiring. She has some magnificent quotes. This one is just beautiful.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

I am crying. Thank you Dianne. That is just what I needed to see right now. I guess I forget those things like so many others.

Thank you.  this is beautiful.

Well this post isn't widow-related or anything other than something that can bring you some laughter. At least it did for me. Belly laughter and tears.  And sometimes that's exactly what we need.  So if you need some laughter, here it is.  I watched it on Facebook Live but couldn't copy that over here, so the video is imbedded in this article.

If you're on Facebook and prefer to watch it there, here's the page:


Hahahaha. Think I’ll pass on that one Dianne.


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