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Does anyone else do this? I lost hubby on Dec 12 this year. Now, I find myself talking to hubby, aloud or in my head, as I do something. Like, what do you think, maybe this one, huh? Or, okay, let's go get some veggies, I have to try cooking and eating something today. As I'm "talking", I feel good, in the sense that I'm calm and rational. However, I'm wondering if I'm in a state of denial without knowing it. If so, I want to discontinue this habit.

I would appreciate any opinion. Thank you.

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Yes, I absolutely believe that. My relationship with my hubby is now different but the connection is still alive. We're just on different sides. I got that message from him like he was talking in my head during his service. This thought popped into my head from hubby- he was saying he's on that side, I'm on this side, so this is how we'll do this. I knew that to mean how we will continue our relationship. I do like that. He is my husband, and still is. 

I've had several signs from hubby. At first, I thought lack of sleep was causing my mind to create what I wanted as confirmation that hubby was reaching out to me. Then, when the tv turned on when I was standing across the room and the remote was not in my hand, I knew I had not lost my mind. I don't ask for specific signs but I do ask for clarity. Today's was the clearest. I could not decide whether to go for a walk. I had been cooped up in my place for at least four days. Then I decided. I needed a walk. As I'm leaving, hubby's sunglasses hanging by the shelf swings. Not just gently, but vigorously, like someone had swung it. So I went over and experimented. I knocked the shelf, banged against the things on it. The sunglasses shook but not the way I had seen it earlier. I took it to mean hubby wanted me to take a walk, or that he wanted to go with me. I talk to hubby all day long and when I'm out and about, I include him in everything I do. 

Wow Maggie, that's awesome!  Yeah, he's definitely with you there!  Thanks for sharing, I have a BIG smile on my face just reading this!

Hugs, Shirley

my heartfelt condolences to you to start with. You are not the first and very confident it wouldn't be the last. we all do that specially me. it went to the extent that when among her family many times i spoke out loud. and often get offended. but fortunately as time passed by it has faded of there. But honestly telling you when  my kids kids come home or i visit them its uncontrollable. now i pray for her daily and ask her forgiveness as i am trying to stop talking to her aloud. things ease of in time. but don't try to forget her. best thing i feel is to learn to live with her by your side.

thanking you

So far, I haven't spoken to hubby aloud in front of others, but he's always in my head and my one-sided conversation with him seems natural, like he was here. Yes, there are issues that pop into my head and what-ifs and if-onlys take over my mind. I try to be really careful with that because I think the past is what it is. Onward and forward is the only way to go. This grieving process really zaps every ounce of energy!

hi all of you out there.

yes we all do have done this and experienced this. how many of you have felt their beloved once behind you while working or at the chair. it a longtime she left me but recently i started to feel this. is this common among you? should i seek medical advice?

I actually felt that before. Hubby passed on Dec 12 2019. Maybe, three weeks ago, I was sitting in his chair and I had dozed off. When I woke up, I felt someone standing behind the chair. I thought someone had entered my place without my realizing it. But I always lock the door. When I looked, of course, no-one stood behind the chair. I believe hubby was visiting, and I'm fine with that, absolutely okay with it.

Same with me.  Quite a few times I've felt Stephen's presence, distinctly.  And I know without a doubt that it is him.  The energy and vibration rise.  I just smile and say thank you.  

Thankyou all, This is the greatest help i had got, i would try to be with you all frequently. now i know there are a lot of people with whom i could share my problems. once again thank you all

Been reading all the responses, just want to chime in -- I'm 4+ years widowed, still "talk" to my husband, i.e. sometimes stupid stuff, watching a movie on TV  I say out loud  "This movie sucks." or "That was stupid." and I hear his voice saying, "No shit, only 2 stars." or "Yeah, duh." Am I imagining this?

I believe in life after death, and my love is here, but just on a different dimension... always say goodnight to him and I love you as I turn off the light in front of his picture. Sometimes I feel him here. Sometimes the dog stares at nothing in the corner of room. Sometimes I have these amazing dreams (though not enough!) I've taken photos and in the photos there are orbs....   

No you are not in a state of denial. I've gotten so many signs from him that he is still here... Have asked for guidance and and then someone shows up with an answer.... or I get  "an answer" out the blue (intuition) ... I believe he is guiding me...  Sometimes I just ask for a "sign" from  him, and (maybe not right away) but in a couple days, I get a sign... a 20 dollar bill in my path when walking the dog, a certain song on the radio when I turn it on, a red bird on my fence -- staring at me and others... 

To those who haven't heard from you beloved, just open your heart, mediation helps.. breathe in deeply and let the love shine in and ask for a sign, send a "voicemail" to "heaven", and you will get an answer... you are not alone.

I truly believe that.

My best to you all.


Maybe I'm crazy too.. 

Here's a kicker. Last week, I saw a message (dated Dec 10, time 12.41pm, 2019) on my phone from hubby. But at that time, he was already in the hospital (admitted Dec 5). I stayed with him in the hospital until I left without him on Dec 12.  I NEVER would have missed a call from him and if I did, I would have hurried back to the room.

The message was odd - he spoke in a mechanical way and the background was very hollow, like he was in a huge and empty space. In the message, he called me by my nickname and said "this is message for you". That's not what he would say. What message? Also, he usually says "where are you?" if he does not see me in his room.

I checked my phone. History does not show call from hubby on Dec 10. So, how did a message get left for that date?

That same morning, I continued to shred and get rid of old medical records. (I had started this the previous week and stopped when I saw discs that contained his scans and x-rays). I came across this really three discs in the same envelope. On the top one, was written "healing sounds". And I knew, that was the message. I played the disc. It contained spiritual chants, several of which I used to chant for hubby using a mala. I remember this disc. Hubby had compiled this disc last year and played it as we slept. He had asked if I liked the disc. Yes, I did.

I believe, on Dec 10, hubby's spirit knew he was ready to go and he left that message then for me.

What's also odd - the medical records are kept in stacks on my side of the bed. Hubby keeps his personals and guitars and music etc. on his side. No way he would have put that disc on my side and slipped it into the bottom part of a stack of medical records on my side of the bed. Those records go  back several years. And, why did I stop shredding the records the previous week, find his message the next week, and decide to continue with the shredding after that?

I need to find hubby's phone (I keep misplacing things!) and see if he did call me on Dec 10. That would really complete this amazing "sign" from him.

Dear Maggiepie. As far as i am considered its very difficult to sleep on and hang on secrets. You made the correct choice clear it and get your head clean. to face the reality

love and hugs



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