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I know that some might think that pets are not appropriate as subjects after losing our spouses but I think they are.  After Don died I was helped so much by having a very loving kitty, Proto, who slept with me, loved me, followed me all over, made me laugh with his silliness and made it easier for me to be alone.


Today Proto was dx with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.  Next week he will have Ultrasound to see how much his heart has thickened.  No matter what, he will need daily medication in order to have a 
"normal" life for months or a couple of years.  It breaks my heart and I will do whatever is needed to keep him comfortable.



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Oh definitely have a pet. We had 2 mature dogs when Smitty passed suddenly in Fall 2004. One of them was devastated, the dog who was closer to him. I found myself comforting 2 dogs, and being comforted by them. Eventually, both dogs grew older and passed, within 1 year of each other. I could not face getting another dog for many years. I recently adopted a 4 month old dog from a rescue place. Pups is the magic I needed back in my life. She is allowed to sleep in the bed with me, a first for me ever. We snuggle and keep each other company 24/7. She goes EVERYWHERE with me as long as it is not too cold or hot out. She hangs out in my car with doors locked while I run errands. She makes me laugh with her silly puppy antics. I've been a bit down lately due to the anniversaries of both my Mom's and husband's passings in October (different years), plus the holidays are here. This puppy dog has been very attentive and loving, more so than usual. She can sense my different attitude. So I get licked a lot...hands, feet, face. It makes me giggle. How refreshing ! :)


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