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Hi all. I see posts from time to time that indicate that many have difficult times in the evening and at bedtime. I am sure that is so awful if it is interfering with your rest, so I truly feel for you.

For me, I am realizing that the worst time of day is in the morning. It feels as though the expanse of the entire day is ahead of me as I wake up with that empty feeling. Another day alone without a partner to share my joys and sadness.

In the evening, I can look forward to some mindless television viewing, which I never apologize for. It is what saves me. It is my guilty pleasure that clears my head of everything that took place during the day and helps me tire before bed. It is harder to watch any show that I watched with my husband. It seems so strange to me, feeling that so much time has passed since he died (almost 21 months), and still I see episodes of shows we watched together. Discordant timelines that I can't seem to reconcile in my head.

Anyway, that is my situation. I hope to hear from some of you.


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Hire a real estate attorney to transfer your name onto the title or mortgage as well as other holdings. As soon as you get it done, the sooner you will be establishing credit to purchase a future home. I hired a real estate b/c I was too confused/grief sick to get anything done on my own ...


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