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I have been thinking about the silly little things, inside jokes and sayings we used to share. Like if someone passed us on the road in a big hurry, Frank would say "He must have a promise". Or after we ate, he would say, "Good fare."  When he got to the end of a cup of coffee if there were grounds, we would say "grounds for divorce. And quite often if one of us mentioned something that had 4 syllables, like "chocolate pudding", it would get sung to the Davy Crockett theme song, "Chocolate, chocolate pudding, king of the wild frontier."

Now it's only me to remember them. I'd love if you shared some of yours.

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I thought of another one - if we were going somewhere, like to bed, he would say "Time to advance token to the bedroom" like in a Monopoly game.

Allison, jokingly call me "Mr. Perhaps whatever buttons"

Mr because she would tell me listen mister quite a lot.

Whatever because I am indecisive and would tell her I am fine with whatever.

Perhaps because I say it a lot I am told.

Buttons because she thought it was funny how I said it.  

He would say "Howdy" instead of hi or hello.
We had this thing where if he said I love you I said I love you more his response would be "no not."  I don't know when we started it or why but I miss it.
I never did like it but when he felt someone was coddling their adult child he would tell them it was time to "pop the tit".  The coddling would immediately stop and they would have a nice rational discussion on what was happening.  So I guess it worked the way he intended.  
If we were walking while holding hands and something came between us he would say "bread and butter" or "peas and carrots"
He would also say all the time that we fit together like peas and carrots.  
Oh, he would always refer to bacon as "dead pig" hamburgers as "dead cow"  and so on.  When our son was 3 or 4 and we went to a restaurant to eat, the waiter asked what we wanted and our son said very happily and loudly "DEAD PIG!"  My husband could not stop laughing and everyone around us had such shocked looks on their faces.  
There are so many more but I can not recall them.

Before we went to sleep at night I'd tell her "If you wake up at 2:00 AM and want me, I'm ready and here!"

She'd say "Okay, count on it"

It never happened (at 2:00 AM anyway) LOL

Gosh...I almost teared up sharing this!


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