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I have been thinking about the silly little things, inside jokes and sayings we used to share. Like if someone passed us on the road in a big hurry, Frank would say "He must have a promise". Or after we ate, he would say, "Good fare."  When he got to the end of a cup of coffee if there were grounds, we would say "grounds for divorce. And quite often if one of us mentioned something that had 4 syllables, like "chocolate pudding", it would get sung to the Davy Crockett theme song, "Chocolate, chocolate pudding, king of the wild frontier."

Now it's only me to remember them. I'd love if you shared some of yours.

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Charlie and I would go through quoting whole movies when things would strike us.  If an object came between us as we were walking he would say, "Bread & Butter."  I'll have to think more on this, so many things they are all hard to remember all at once.

My husband did this too!

Hi Barb,

Had to chuckle, my husband was great with sayings which I learned to understand and sometimes still use myself. When someone complained a lot or seemed insincere, he would refer to them as crying in their beer or crying crocodile tears. When he didn’t have the answer to a particular problem, he would just say he would let water find it’s own level. He had many and I always knew what he meant. He had a sense of humor that I could easily “read” by just looking into his eyes. I do miss it too!

I just miss hearing him say my name.  No one ever said it the way he did.  I could tell exactly what kind of mood he was in when he said it.  It was fun to have him finish my sentence or he mine.  So many times one of us would say something and the other would respond, wow I was just thinking that.

I miss that so much, no one says my name.  Not even my own mother.  It is always Mrs. Jwick to doctors and such or my nickname.  I am introduced by my nickname and it had been happening since I was 8 so that's how I introduce myself.  My husband was the only one to ever use my given name.

I miss the way Jerry said my name too.  I used to say things to him just to get him to say it...he normally called me baby.  I miss that too.

He had a lot of quirky sayings but one of them was, he'd say "in a flash".  Like, I'll be back in a flash or I'll hop on a plane in a flash...etc.  Gosh, he had a million of them and for the life of me, I can't think of anymore.  Ohhh wait, sometimes he'd say, I'm about ready to grind.  (ready to eat)

I wrote down Bob's quirky sayings - "isms" in an easy to access notebook ...
The kids also invented their own game of "What did Dad Say or Do" - lots of giggling ...

Its going on 11 years - things get fuzzy when not hearing them for an extended period of time. And they still talk of Dad's sayings & "isms" especially on holidays ...

That's a good idea to have a special Jerry notebook for the memories as they come back to me.  For the life of me now, it's hard to recall his laugh or "isms" and even the silly expressions he made.  I just know he did had them.  LOL

the one thing I'll never forget tho is how easy it was to love him!  

Yup, I feel the same about good ole' Bob-O ...

The raw grief is suppressing alot ...

Not to worry, it'll all come back to you!

just thought of another one he would say - "Vouloir, c'est pouvoir." French for "Where there's a will, there's a way." But since he did not know French, it usually came out mangled and I would correct him.

Also in the morning he would say, "Time to break your fast."

My Rick was a Brit, so I had to learn his crazy Cockney Rhyming Slang- now that was a task!  ' Oh my aching plates of meat!'>  that meant feet. Or taking a Jimmy =  Jimmy Riddle= piddle.     Or getting new glasses for his minces= Mince Pies= eyes.  Yup, tons of them. I miss hearing his accent, even though he'd lived in the US for 13 years, he still had his charming British accent, which of course he could really enhance if the situation called for it. Or if anyone burped, it was always 'better out than in'. The answering machine still has his message recorded, and I have no intention in changing it. However I do try to get to the phone before it turns on, since it's hard to hear his voice.



I wrote a lot of his sayings down on post it notes all over the house. I write them down as they pop into my head. The one I think about a lot is, he would say "hind site is 20/20", that one burns a lot. 


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