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We seem to be living in an age where widowhood is a bit more central to the themes of tv shows and some movies. Very few of them I can watch, just not my style, I'll never watch This is Us and probably not I'm sorry for your loss on Facebook, though the one that Ricky Gervais called Afterlife sounds right up my alley, its on Netflix. I have found a show that tries pretty hard to portray widowhood from the male perspective, its called The unicorn. It deals with a guy who is trying to raise his two teen daughters alone and it picks up about a year after she passed. His friends are trying to get him back into dating (ok the dumb one year myth) and he is not ready for the modern dating world. Its 3 episodes in and watching every week I find myself yelling "YES THATS IT!". Its not a chocolate and glass of wine cryfest, its actually pretty comical in parts. And it shows stuff that some of us have dealt with (spoiler alert, last nights episode with him being the only guy in a support group full of women hit home with me and I was laughing during it). 

I highly recommend this show.

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Thanks for the recommendation.  I never noticed before my husbands death how many shows revolve around death or how many episode have a death in them. I did watch Sorry for Your Loss for four episodes or so but I honestly can't relate to that storyline.  I will check out this show though.  


No  opinion  or  idea from the  father's(  man's )perspective but  I  watched  the  free  1st  episode of  the Unicorn  and in my  opinion it's just  another  family  sit-com.  Not at  all like the  reality  of  children losing  their  mother.  Too presumptive from  a family  standpoint  where  children  learn  about  giving  and  receiving  love - this  sit-com projects  as  foolish  and disrespectful or insensitive...would not watch it  is too  precious  to  laugh  it  off  when  a  parent  with  young  children  dies.  A  father  who  cares is  far  more  sensitive  to  the  memory  of  his  children's  mother and  would  not  be  nonchalant  or  carefree  about  moving  forward...  would work  on  closer  bonding  with  the  children.    3  out  of  5  stars.  Mediocre   at best...  I  can  see  where  certain  happenings  might  seem real  to  you like  support  meetings  but  not  so   real  for  day  to  day  living  as  a family.     jmo


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