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Hello to all my fellow travelers. Today marks the second anniversary of one of the best things to happen to me since I was widowed in March 2014... finding my pen pal on this site.  I joined WV still numb in my grief, after suddenly losing my husband of 34 years. This place has been a wonderful lifeline to help me find my way forward. Some early nights when the silence was more than I could bear, there was always some kind, understanding folks in the chat room to hang out with. And I want to encourage everyone to consider becoming a pen pal with someone here. My 'bestie' Barb and I live on opposite coasts... and we may never actually meet face to face (although we talk about doing so often enough). But the true value of our friendship is measured in simply being there for each other, and we write almost every day. We vent, giggle, holler, sigh, encourage, laugh, cry, rejoice the victories large and small...knowing that no explanations are ever necessary. On the bleakest of days, we can at least count on our deep connection, and this has felt like a true gift. We travel through our anniversaries and major milestones together, and all of the days in between... we are each others most enthusiastic cheerleaders! It is a unique kind of friendship and bond we have formed because of the commonality of our losses- so different in circumstance yet profoundly equal. And so as the two of us will mark this special and happy anniversary this evening with a toast on opposite coasts, I will also think of the people here and hope some will be inspired to reach out and find themselves a writing buddy. for me It has made all the difference in the world.  With love, Deb

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Hi, Deb :0  I, ytoo, find WV to be a blessing as I trudge down this "journey" called widowerhood since I lost my Sharon on January 19, 2018.  I have also foud the chat room and blogs to be uplifting.  A question, if I may, how does one sign up for a "penpal?"

Go to your profile  page  Marty - scroll  all the way  down that page to where you listed  information  when you joined.  You will see it asks you if you want to be part of the pen pal program.  edit  your answer to yes  in  the place  you  answered when you joined. Think it's the 2nd question there.

Oddly enough  I noticed  you lost your wife on January 19th  this year.  That   would  have been our 50th  wedding anniversary.  ( We had  44 yr before he died unexpectedly in 2012).  I mention that because  we forget  for every day  the marks a sadness for us - someone  somewhere  is marking a happiness that same day.   Godspeed your healing.  You know all things  are  possible through  Jesus   Christ  who strengthens  you.     hugs      lj

Gosh... it has been so long since I have been back on this site; pretty much since posting this I think. But I did get the notification you'd posted here so I had to try to remember my password lol. MartyG, you are a relative newbie so welcome and so sorry for your reason for joining. WV was so very helpful for me during what I call the journey through the dark woods. It is so comforting to know you are not alone moving through those early woods. There were days I couldn't summon up the energy to talk with anyone face to face, yet I could always find comfort, encouragement and even sometimes a bit of humor here. As far as a pen pal goes, I strongly encourage you to try this.... as I am happy to update that my 'bestie' Barb and I still communicate almost daily in some fashion (email, text, phone calls sometimes). We are talkin' about almost 4 years!  Together we continue to laugh, cry, vent, uplift one another and have really come to understand each others' hearts, and I cannot imagine life without our kinship.. If the penpal program itself doesn't do it for you, you could always try reaching out to someone posting here whose message really resonates with you. Another site I have really benefited from is here:   These blogs are just so good.

Best, deb

Thanks, Deb for your reply.  And, yes, I am really benefitting from reading the blogs regardless of their posting dates as they are all priceless :) Best...Marty

Marty - I sent you a couple of messages here in WV regarding your Pen Pals. Check your "Inbox" that you'll see over in the left-hand column.


I agree, I had 4 grief buddies I spoke with often as well as one I talked to everyday for years. We talked & laughed till the sun came up!

Awwwwe, this is the sweetest post!  I will be toasting with you this evening ladies.  Enjoy and salute!


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