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What makes you happy? Anything that can cheer you up nearly anytime? What do you LOOOVE?? What gets you through a really hard day?


Good toffee

Dark chocolate

Funny movies or TV shows

Watching powerful women like Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Calling one of the few friends I have left, I have to remember they really DO love the real me


Playing with my daughter

Touching one of my fur scraps

Seeing a clean house if someone else has done the work

Planting something

A massage


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The thread I just started about shopping could fit into this category...

I just finished an amazing book: The Road Home by Jim Harrison.  One of the characters is facing the end of life and writes what made them happy.  In that light I am combining past memories with present!


Watching Stewart walk up the drive after a good surf session.

My daughter's lovely face and wacky self.

Turning out a good painting.


Sex (so sue me! this one's from memory, kind of).




when friends talk to me about Cliff unreservedly, without awkwardness, and we share memories and laugh


Just had a talk a few minutes ago with one of Ken's best friends. I absolutely love talking with him because when we talk about Ken it is a though he is right here with us. In fact, he IS with us when we talk about him. So I know what you mean.



a good book

a funny movie, TV show

playing tennis

hanging with my kids

Dr. Pepper


Spending quality time with good friends

Makes me happy to go to the beach and dance the Carolina Beach shag.  Here's a sample...

I've started making a list of the things that make me happy, thankful and loved (yes, I'm reading the amazing book, "One Thousand Gifts).  It has changed my life and I'm starting to see more and more of the moments in my life that make me pause and be thankful for.  Simple things like the light shining through my kitchen window, diffusing through the beautiful stained glass piece that a wonderful friend made for me years ago.

Rubbing the silky soft tummy of my kitten in the dark of night in my bed makes me happy.

Having my teenage boy take only 5 minutes to hold a "discussion" with me ..... makes me very thankful and happy.

Connecting with other grieving people through my writing makes me thankful ..... and happy that Jim's death was not a waste.  It has changed me into a better person .... and that makes me thankful, happy and loved.

Reading a good book.  Watching a great show like "Modern Family" that I DVRd.  

Being with friends.  

Knowing that I now know that I will never settle again ..... makes me very, very happy.

I could go on and on, but I won't.  

Thanks for this thread ..... I love it.


Supa laughed when I first posted this when I became a new widow, but Gain's Apple Mango Tango was the only thing that got me to do laundry.  It took a year+ to give it up, but in that year, everytime I did laundry, I was happy :)
My little dog, Riley
My kitty, Kirby
Making art
Reading motivational and inspirational books
My iPad

one of my favorite things to do is sink into my huge couch with a cold glass of diet pepsi to drink.


Other things that make me happy:


a clean house

clean sheets to sleep in

a mindless movie to watch, like The Proposal or Love Actually (one of my favorites)

a good book on my kindle

sex and more sex haha

hugs from the people i love

photography...i love my Canon 60D and taking pics with it




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