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Today, Wal-mart announced it will expand its delivery service to more of its store for $98 per year ...

I was fortunate that a Wal-mart was built 1/2 mile from my home after Bob-O was killed ...

Why didn't they deliver 12 years ago!

But, this is great news for those of you raw, in recovery mode, etc. Convalescing is better for you than going out to get taken down by a trigger &/or anxiety attack ...

Take advantage of this service when it comes to your local Wal-mart ...

Take care of yourself!

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Depending  where  you are  located  there  are  other  delivery  services that  offer  free delivery  to  your  door or  your  home  for  various fees.  I've  stopped driving  because  of  insurance  fees  and  gas  and  car  maintenance in my  state  and  for  $49  or $99 a  company  our  of   Alabama  called  Shipt  delivers  24/7  anything  my  local  Meijer  grocery  or  Target  store  sells.  Less  than a mile  from  my  home  and  the  mkt  we  shopped the  most  at  for  decades is  where  they  shop  for  me  now.   Lifesaving.  Costs  a  bit  more  but  I  stopped lavish  family  dinners  so  I  could  have  this  service.  It  is  priceless...especially if  you  live  alone,  don't  have  others  nearby  to  help you  and  are  still  independent  or  are  ill and  unable  to  shop/drive  etc.  I also  have  Amazon  Prime  I  treasure  them for  their service  and  policy.  Getting  old is a true  challenge  and  I am  ever  so grateful  these  services  are  in  my  area .  Worth  checking out.

SHIPT is a new one for me and thanks for bringing it to our attention, LJ. It was easy to Google it, click on the "Contact Us" button and put in my zip code. Unfortunately, they are not in my area. But, Target and Walmart ship to me because I use them. Just not for groceries yet. I'm still out in a very rural area and learning about possible resources is always good. Meanwhile, I drive into the city once a month and stock up, keeping two freezers at home as full as possible. A big pantry has lots of canned goods and always a box of powdered milk sitting on the shelves. I figure if I'm prepared for an emergency, it probably won't happen! Thanks again for letting us all know about this service.


Kroger companies will shop for you and deliver the goods to your door. I think I recall Susan saying that they would even stock your freezer and refrigerator.

Now that she's passed, My only gripe is that when you order something, the clerk doing the shopping for you just reaches in and grabs the first (whatever) you asked for.  Myself, I will look at the produce and pick what I think is the ripest, or the cut of meat that meets my idea of the best of the bunch.

I go into town once a month with a list of things I need ranging from food/produce, to a trip to the computer "Candy Store" Micro Center, to Home depot and PetsMart etc.  When I'm done with shopping and errands, I then stop at a nice restaurant, and have a nice early evening dinner that someone else cooked, and drive home.

The only problem is that sometimes, it takes me 10 trips back and forth from the attached garage to the house, to empty the truck, and then another hour to repackage the foods and freeze/refrigerate the food.




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