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Weather, and other non related factors that add stresses to your life. Also, it would be nice to hear from ones that have had positive issues/adventures that has reduced the stresses.

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I had a neat experience today. I drove to Wickenburg with my daughter, and had a great time. I walked into this small shop that was similar to new age. I met three lady that started to talked to me about aliens/UFOs art. So I had to ask, "Do you believe in this type of thing?" They all replied,"Yes do you?"

I told them yes I do and, we also talked about the paranormal. It was a positive event, and the weather way nice. However, when I got home saw the weather in the east. I thought that has to be stressful to some of you, and I thought it would be nice to post both positive and negative events that happen in our lives on a daily basis. Situations that does not really apply to being widowed.

Naturally I thought about the loved ones I miss.


Finally, I get to go to work after being layed up all week. Yay! I love my job! ...

I'm gonna bring out the power tools ... :-)

To see me now, DH would have his mouth hanging open in disbelief. I was, forever, the w.h.i.n.e.r!

No, I'll get dirty. No, I'll break my nails. No, I don't want to. No, no, no, no, no! I just want to watch you & talk & talk & talk. That's it! Any other silly questions or suggestions! Blink, blink, blink!

OMG! My poor beloved DH, what a cry baby/pain in the ass I must've been ... :-() Too funny!

Heigh ho, heigh ho, its off to work I go ...

Please do not attempt to learn to use power tools till your attention span increases to avoid injury!


"It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” 
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

"Well! I've often seen a cat without a grin,' thought Alice 'but a grin without a cat! It's the most curious thing i ever saw in my life!” 
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

This storm is the mother of all storms! At least one that will stick in my mind for a while. It has been snowing over 24hrs now and blowing and drifting. It has blown snow up against both of my doors and I am unable to open either one! Guess tomorrow I will try removing a screen off one of my sliders on the porch and jump out a window. I hope it stops soon, last I heard it may go through the night. This is definitely, not fun. I will be shoveling all day tomorrow-I am guessing we will probably end up with three feet but the drifts are nearly waist high now! If you think of me tomorrow, groan for me will ya? (Lol) Two good things, one, so far we still have power and two, I don't have to go to work anymore so no real stress. One good thing about does melt eventually! Now, unfortunately, there has been a lot of flooding on the coast. Worse than from Hurricane Sandy a few years ago. Coupled with a full moon and serious beach erosion and all the water, it's a real mess! They actually issued mandatory evacuations in at least one town. I guess no matter where you live, there are some weather issues. I'm sure people north of me (I live in Pa) would laugh at us for complaining about a few feet of snow. We normally get several inches at a time or even a foot but this is unusual for us.

Hi SweetMelissa, well I am not A tool expert, but I do use them more than I would like. I always try to use safety glasses, especially with power saws. I have had saw dust spray back in my face. My use of tools is to maintain and really not for profit. I also have friends that help. We get tired of fixing other people's messes.

So we are whiners too, I have a management company that assist with me, but it is still a pain because it is hard to keep up. I was out tonight and last night trying to figure issues/more management not repair. A few days ago I had to assist with an electrician troubleshooting a GFI circuit. Harbor Freight and Lowe's are my vacation resorts.

We just get it done and get out of there as easy as possible. Also, I used to do all the paper work, but my daughter helps a little now.


Hi David, 

You gotta have safety glasses! I've been thinking about getting a pair of prescription safety glasses. Gotta see the opth next month, I'm hoping to find a pair with purple rims. How girly, is that! ;-()  Before too long, I'll be looking like Dame Edna!

I hate house repairs even if it allows me to S.H.O.P for hours -at Home De POT or Lowe's. I'd probably enjoy Habor Freight, but the 20 mile drive has me at a disadvantage when I HD is only a mile away.

When you mentioned assisting an electrician, I rememered DH walking into the garage as he shouted "Gonna turn off the electricity!"

I much prefer working on furniture. Yesterday, I wound up helping another gal w/stripping (not the wild kind! :-()) and moving a couple of hutches. My knucklehead self was into getting things done instead of being concerned about my hands & wrists, fortunately, I didn't injure myself again. I've got more furniture to move, but I won't be doing it w/as much ambition. We're down to one regular male vendor who is 96yrs old; he's not into moving furniture. The part-timers have old bothersome back injuries. The women, like myself, have not had a life of strenuous work, activities or sports, so we're actually able to make our bodies stronger doing this type of laborious work. I've read its a normal cycle in life that as men get older they become more interested in cooking & gardening whereas women start taking over the more challenging things their husbands use to do, so I can understand where you're coming from.

Thank goodness for Ryobi manufacturing light weight power tools. They're great for women as well as older men. There seems to be alot of younger & older widows in my area, I come across them at Home Depot often. We're in there fondling, drooling & dreaming about the kind of projects we can use every tool for. The dremel is way too much fun! As you can read, I could care less about the kitchen these days ....

The last time I was in Wickenburg was Thanksgiving of 2002. DH had a friend out there who built his house with recycled materials -it was beautiful with the type of artistic features I would love to have in my home. Walt also found a 1940's gas stove in the arroyo behind his property; both the clock & stove work perfectly. I love treasure hunting!

SM ...

Hello Calle2, yes I Am thinking about you folks in that northeast area. I was concerned when I heard the storm was forecasted. Reading post I am sure you are concerned. I was thinking do you have anybody that would help you? Maybe some kids with access to a snowblower,or at least some snow shovels.

I will be praying for you through the night and tomorrow. Stay warm and work real slow if you have to shovel that snow. I am originally from Ohio, so I have some idea of what you are experiencing. Try to keep your spirits up and I will honestly pray that this will pass soon.

Again, I have been thinking of you folks that is one reason I started this discussion. P;ease post and tell me what happened.


Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, how sweet. There is something beautiful about new fallen snow. Right now the sun has just risen and it is glistening as the back of my house faces northeast. My first challenge today will be to see if I can get outside through a window. Maybe I should wait until I see others outside just in case I get stuck, ha-ha! I think with the magnitude of a storm like this, we are all alone. I have a son who lives across town however, he has got his own to do and unfortunately, he is recovering from bronchitis. Grandson is a big guy but he has a type of MD and does not do so well in the cold. Anyway, there is no parking on our street during snow storms and my driveway has several feet of snow on it. So, I am finishing this cup of coffee, do some stretching exercises, get dressed, and forge ahead. I will do what I can today and hope that tomorrow I can finish up.

Laura J. Love the video!

Oh Calle2, that was a storm that I never saw anything like it when I was in Ohio. Actually, I felt blessed to see it only by the television. I hope you were able to get it cleared away. You know I always design my life as a widowed individual. It occurred to me if I was back there I would research to get the best self-driven snowblower. It would be an electric start too. Then I would purchase a battery stabilizer. What this does is keeps the battery at a current level. It does not over charge, it only maintains the the battery. I have one and I think it was under forty-dollars.

One thought to keep in mind a snowblower would have a different battery. I am not an expert because they are not too useful at a 115 degrees. You would need to purchase something that would not harm a six volt battery. The one I have is used on a twelve volt. I am sure you could research this online. You plug them into an outlet and then clip the leads on like jumper cables.

My brother has o nice one in Ohio and now he says it it enjoyable when the big snows come. He tells me it will plow right through the snow and, all he has to do is just guide it. I am not sure if his has an electric start, To get one that would do the job would probably run round eight.

Before I shoveled all that out I be thinking like TOOL MAN TIM. I would want to hook that blower to a Corvette engine. Of course I need the interior too. It would have to have a good stereo system, or I can't forget the heater. lol

Just a thought.


Laurajay, I liked your video....

That is about eight hundred dollars for that unit.

SweetMelissa, when I married my wife, her father was a third generational furniture repairman from New York. All the males had to work in his shop learning that skill. My wife and I learned how to do cane and rush seats. We started a little business on the side, and we work it for a number year. We would glue chairs and sometimes hand finish them.

I use to love to do burn in with color plastic, and Mohawk powders. My father-in-law taught me, and he was very successful. He finally had to give it up in his 60s because of his age. I bought a couple little antique chairs to redo and sell. My wife would say are sure you want these pieces of junk? Yes, I went ahead and bought them and totally restored them. Then she snagged them and didn't want me to sell either. One little Shaker rocker sits in my room with her little stuffed animals on them. It triggers me sometimes, but I will always keep it. The other chair set in the corner with her little fold restored fold down desk her brother re-did for her.

Today that would be too much lifting for me. You are constantly loading and unloading furniture which is a lot of work.


That's me, constantly loading, unloading & moving furniture. It costs too much to hire young whipper snappers to do it, and they're careless to my chagrin. I'm less than 5', so I've had to be innovative getting items from high shelves in grocery stores as well as moving furniture. Physical work feels like I've accomplished something, and its good to keep active w/my arthritis. Besides, I spent alot of years grieving on the floor, on the bed, on the couch, on a chair, in the truck w/Dr. Seuss. :-)

Yesterday, I was wishing I knew how to do cane work. I came across a couple of free chairs in desperate need of having the caning replaced. Alas, I forced myself to pass them up -who knows when I would've had time to learn it. Arrrgh!

Rush seats are awesome! For me, it looks too complicated to learn because my brain can't grasp the process. I'm thinking more along the lines of learning to upholster furniture. I finally found a staple gun that doesn't strain my wrists. I'm still trying to find a reason to buy a nail gun, it looks fun in a powerful way! :-()


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