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I am not a kid anymore I am 66.   The last time I dated was 45 years ago.  I am not sure that I want to date yet but am thinking maybe in the next year or so.

In the meantime I need a lot of help in HOW to date at my age. In the '60s as a late teen and in my early 20s I met most of those I dated at dances, I went on Friday and Saturday night around a country dance circuit.  Now if I meet men it is mainly as part of a couple and not as singles.

I don't want to go into online dating or go to a meet up I am not ready for that. But I would like to find someone to go to the movies etc with. 

Tell me your own experiences or where did you find that someone special?

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Athena that is something I will have to totally agree with you on.....after living alone for 7 years...I have made my own way of living...eating times, bedtime...what I eat..what I watch on on the phone and no I am not willing to change for anyone....I retired to be Bill's caregiver for 4 years....I will always be grateful I did.....I am glad he is out of the never ending pain , horrible pain he was in for years and that he is in peace....but I do miss him...we were comfortable together and loved each took work to get where we were....I don't have it in me to do it again.....I like my alone time...and don't want to have to entertain or change my routines ....I eat all different times too..and odd things ..that maybe I like..sometimes I have dinner at 4 and then a snack at 10....I watch a lot of one would want to join that...LOL....

Dianne: Thank you for your words. I have just passed the five year mark since Jerry passed away and am finding my life has taken on new twists and turns where I am able to do the things I had not been able to do when married. Jerry lived with renal disease 28 out of the 34 years we were married and the last 4 years consisted of his health deteriorating until he passed April 11th. Today I can be available to friends and family in a way that I had not been able to do before. It is lonely at times but slowly I am becoming happier with my life as it is. 

Bergen, glad to know you revisit ideas from time to time. Dianne, lots of good stuff in your post too. I am glad I started this discussion as like the rest of you I have changed a lot in the last five years. My experience as a widow has changed me too. So we all change in our bodies (thinking of my recent health scare) in our thinking processes and in our environmental and financial circumstsnces. But as long as we keep educating ourselves and stay open to changes I think we can go on living a fulfilling life.

I am happy to hear you say this.  You have come a long way in the last few years.  :-)

Yes, just revisiting this. So many of you saying what I am feeling! and thinking!

My life is busy with work and some outings with friends and church. I am lucky that 2 or 3 months after Ed died, I met up with a group of widows. We have been together for 4 plus years now - lost a couple of members, gained one. All ages. Three have significant others with one getting married in 2011(yes you read that right!). We are all different. We get together about every 6 weeks, sometimes less, sometimes more. And when we get together it is just a comfort to know that everyone is walking the same path! even the ones who have found new partners. Sometimes we don't even talk about our spouses, sometimes we do. I have other friends too.

My life was more busy with family until last year when my mother died. Now my 3 siblings and I have to really strive to get together.

This is rambling but what I am feeling is contentment. Yes i can be lonely. Sometimes that Friday or Saturday night alone is just too much. But for the most part, I love being home with my kitty, I love work (tho I am thinking retirement), and I love doing things with friends.

Don't know how someone could enter my life - I'm open to it but it's not like guys are lining up to see me! I do flirt with the mailman who is single. That's fun!

So yes, I agree "we can go on living a fulfilling life".



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