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My goals for 2020:

1) Clear and fence in a new pasture for the sheep and get started on a new sheep shed.

2) Cut and split 10 cords of wood.

3) Finish the back patio.

4) Provide some form of "goodness" to at least 12  people that I do not know.

5) Survive another year. (this is actually Janet's requirement)

Add your goals to this post and lets come back in a year and see how we did.


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I don't usually make goals for a new year. I sort of have long-term goals as life goes on. If I were to make a list of what I want to accomplish for this year, maybe,

1) main one is to establish a sleeping pattern that can get me back to "normal" sleep.

2) get back to polishing my collection of short stories for submission. 

3) return to first-reading for my group

3) declutter.

4) work on rewiring my brain to be less anxious, maybe use mantras and affirmations.

5) get back to driving.

Each goal is a toughie because the grief is still so raw and I'm barely able to do anything without losing it. But, thinking leads to doing and moving. I'll get there.

Okay if I ask, Rich? What kind of sheep do you have? Are they pets or livestock? If I'm even asking that right. 


I believe that attainable goals are a very important in the grieving process. Good luck with yours, let us know how you do.

Regarding the sheep, they are pets not livestock.  Fifteen years before we got them Janet had already picked their names, Flopsy. Mopsy and Cottontail. They are Southdowns also know as Baby Dolls. Very docile and just watching them reduces ones stress.

Attached is a Spring photo of Cottontail after she was sheared.


My Goals for 2020 are:

1) get a realtor in to give me comps 

2) put the home on the market (God willing it sells)

3) start over somewhere new (where? I have NO idea)

4) refocus my brain so I don't cry every time I get in the car

5)focus and try and be more present in my life. Last year was a blur

I was thinking of selling but Janet told me a week before she passed "I love it here, don't you move" So I have stayed, wouldn't know where to move anyway since I have lived my entire life within a 30 mile stretch of here. 

Your item number 5 is important, took me four years to realize it.

Hope you meet your goals.

Thank you, being "present" is super difficult. All I can do is try.  It's way more comfortable and easier not being present.


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