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I was told that at least I have enough money.

I told person i would trade that to get husband back after I picked up teeth.

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I was sent a meme that said, if God took something from you that you couldn't imagine losing, just think of what he's bringing to you. 

What an isupposed to say to that? 

And my favorite: God wouldn't give you more than you can handle. So basically, my husband died because God knew i could take it? That's not any God i want to worship. 

Death  is  the  completion of  the  cycle  of  life  for everyone.  It  is  not  separate.  God  doesn't  take  away  from us- he  teaches  us  that  we  are  not  capable  with  human  understanding  to know  why  things  happen when they  do  or  why but  tells  us  one  day  (  in  the  hereafter)  we  will  know  and  understand  ( it all).   It  is  enough to  know  the  one  who  knows . Live  by  truth  not  by  feelings  which hurt  and are  often  deceptive.


Most people want to comfort someone in grief and they said things that would comfort themselves. I am not religious and similar things were said to me. I realized they were just trying to comfort me. I have friends of different religions. I personally believe in the Golden Rule. It is very difficult when we lose people we love. Peace to all.

I, too, had someone say to me- "God doesn't give us anything more than we can handle". I replied- "Well, when GOD says it to me, I'll believe it. Until THEN, when YOU say it to me, I say "Shut up and leave me alone".

Was told that I should just "get over it and move on". Sad thing is that it was my late husband's father that said it. He claims that he was taking the death worse than anyone else even tho he never had a personal relationship with his son. Or grandkids. 

Wow, that's harsh. My counseling told us not to take things like this too seriously, because it's going to happen. Easier said than done.

At almost 7 months since I lost my husband, someone asked me yesterday, "Do you still miss Dan?"

I just looked at her.


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