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Thirteen months and 17 days I still ask, what's the point of me being here? God took the wrong one.

Faith is strong, mind and body not. Everyday a knot in my stomach, tears in my eyes, no direction and too much of a coward to do anything about it.

I'm not committing the ultimate sin but I can't wait for this torment to end.

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Hugs, Dan


I found so much comfort the first year after Tom died here in WidowVillage.  Now I am returning for some help  finding a very special letter written to WidowVillage sometime a year or more ago.  It was from a woman who had wanted to "end it all" because of the pain of being alone without her life partner forever.   It was so convincing....speaking about all the pain that committing suicide would cause for all who were left behind and now they would be grieving two deaths.  I wish I could find it again as it would be of so much help to someone who is in that place  in her life.    I thought I had made a copy and can not find it.  

If anyone has it yet because it was of help......please repost it.. I know it would be helpful to you Rich and to so many others .   It made me think hard about the outcomes such a drastic ending to my pain would create.

I think we all feel that way at times, but the importance is to not do it. Learning to cope day to day is difficult, painful, lonely and stressful. Been 4 years for me and am only looking for a little peace in my life as I know that is what I would want for my husband and him for me. One day at a time is all we can do until we can manage our pain in whatever way works for you.


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