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There's nothing like the death of a spouse to scare you out of your mind. So what's frightening you these days? Get the fear out where you can look at it, instead of just having it running around in your mind like a nasty, sneaky predator. 


Here's my list for today:


I'm scared that I might not be able to go the distance with the man I've been seeing for the last few months.


I'm scared that the health insurance I bought (after losing my husband's "cadillac plan" after he died,) might not be good enough in case something bad happens around here health-wise.


I'm scared that when I want to go back to work there won't be any jobs for me cause I'll be a woman over 50 with a Bachelor's degree.




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I'm scared that when I die, my pets will be separated from each other, placed in a shelter or euthanized because no one will want them. I'm scared that I'll die alone and they'll starve to death.

I'm scared that I'll live a long life.

I'm terrified at the thought of remarrying. The thought of remarrying scares me more than death.

Springlight, I get you, completely. After my two kitties pass away (one of them, Morris' favorite cat, is getting closer to the Rainbow Bridge)  I'm not going to adopt any more pets from the shelter, because I am also afraid of dying and leaving them to fate, which we all know is fickle. It will break my heart not to have furbabies in my life, but I feel strongly that it's the right thing to do. 

It's been 14 months since Morris' passing, and I'm truly scared that I'll never be happy again. I fake it well for members of my family, but I still wake up at 3:30 am crying on many days. I feel hollow and disconnected. 

I am scared both that I will find someone new and that will change my life or that I will always be alone.

I am scared that I will have an illness or a fall and no-one will bother coming home to help.

I am scared that I will be the "strange old lady in Number 9".

I try to be as independent as I can but know that as the years go by I will be less able to cope here on my own when my support network is shrinking.

I'm scared of being alone.

I'm scared to travel alone.  

I am scared I won't be able to handle what my life will be like when I retire in 3 years. I seam to be on autopilot right now. I work, go to Boy Scout meetings, do crafts and take care of the dog. But weekends are still hard. Stud died in oct 2015. This year is the worst.

I am scared I can't take of something at the house.

I am scared I won't ever be a part of my sons life. My son does not think of me 99% of the time. He is doing a big thing for his mother in law for Mother's Day that his wife planned but never thought of me. When my grandchild is born in September I have a feeling I will be lucky to get pictures.

My brother thank goodness keeps checking on me and helping me out.

(((hugs))) photonut, I can relate. Frank had 4 kids (not mine) who ran the gamut from not talking to him to benign neglect. Never a phone call, invite, or card on Father's Day.  I don't know how people like that can live with themselves.

Interesting question.  I guess that my only real fear is the fear of being alone.  Since an incident when I was 5, that has been the overwhelming fear, that I would have to live alone.  With Susan's passing 4 years ago, I've managed to climb out of the sinkhole of emotions that enveloped me, and I'm determined to rebuild Frank as a single person.  I have applied for and am waiting on, a passport.  I attended a convention these last four days, and I'm moving forward.

I keep hoping that there will be another woman in my life at some time in the future.  But, we will see.


Good for you Frank... Keep going forward... I'm still trying to step out of the " empty or alone rut "... But I'll get there. 


I'm scared that I have screwed up more things than I already know about.

I'm scared I'll catch the house on fire because I have become so forgetful.

I'm scared that I'll get hurt and no one will find me for days - I'll be the lady that got eaten by her cats.

I'm scared of my dogs dying
Scared of me dying and leaving them.
Scared of losing my son he's all the family I have left.
I'm scared of being ill.
Scared of being alone for however long I have but do not want anyone else.That won't change I know.
I'm scared of a world without Steve in it.
Scared of the violence and hatred in this world.
I'm scared someone could break in the house.
I'm scared of being so forgetful too, my memory is terrible 8 weeks along.

Hi Alone,

    As I read what you said your scared of... One stood out to me... The that says your afraid someone might break into the house. Because I feel that way too. But I felt much better when I got a security system.  Please look into it. It may make you feel better. :-)  




I'm terrified of something happening to my son, he's the only thing keeping me going. I'm scared of having a mental breakdown. I'm scared that I might be becoming dependent on the pain meds I've been taking to help me sleep. I'm scared that I'll keep gaining weight and end up so big that I can't enjoy doing things with my little dude. I'm scared that our friends and family will forget Mark and how much he meant. I'm scared that my son will have an increased risk for colon cancer, since that's what took his daddy away from him, but at the same time having a family history means he'll get screened earlier without having to fight the idiot doctors who insist that colon cancer is extremely unlikely under age 50, but its getting more common. I'm scared that I'll never be the person I was when I had Mark. Mark balanced me out, when I was stressing, he had a way of calming me down and knowing that he loved me and believed in me made me more confident. I'm scared that I'll live to be a little old lady, I no longer want this since I don't have my hubby to share it with. If I could just make it till my son is grown and independent I'd be happy. I'm scared of going to bed alone every night for the rest of my life, but don't want another romantic relationship right now or for a very long while. I'm scared that no one will do anything for me for Mother's day this year. My son is only 2, so can't expect anything from him without help from someone else. I'm scared of the political environment that we are in and hope that any wars that Trump starts are over by the time my son and my nephews are old enough to fight.


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