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I took mine off way before I started to date -- but I tend to get very long-lasting tans -- so I took mine off around the first anniversary, at the beginning of summer.... I figured that when I tan, it lasts till October, and by October, I'd probably be ready to date. Didn't want anyone to think I was cheating (or "on travel," as they say!).

Turns out my timing was nearly perfect....

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I will never remove my wedding ring. 

My husband will be gone 6 years on 9/9/16 and I am still wearing my rings.  I will never take them off.  We were married 41 years when he passed and together for 44 years.  This is what is right for me--everyone does what's best for them  There is no wrong or right time.

About 3 months after my husband died, I had a family ring made to match the eternity bands my husband gave me.  His birthstone is in the middle, surrounded with stones for our two sons and myself. I moved my wedding rings to my right hand and replaced them with the family ring on my left.  Even that was difficult, and I cried like a baby at the jeweler's.  I was glad a girlfriend had gone with me to pick up the ring.  Sometimes I wear our wedding rings on a chain.  Cliff's hands were so big that my wedding ring fits inside his, so it looks like a circle pendant.  I have since remarried, but I still wear my late husband's rings and our family ring on my right hand.  I love both my husbands and always will.  My new husband is a widower, so he understands.

There is no wrong or right on this - even the etiquette gurus say it's up to the individual.

I kept my wedding rings on for a year,  because I was afraid to allow myself to be not married.   I met my husband in high school junior year and we're married for 40.  Everything about not being with him was frightening for me.  I was 60 and I totally believed that my life had ended.  

I will say that it's your decision to wear them as long as you feel you want to or take them off when you decide.   Sharon


My husband passed 5+ years ago on my deceased daughter's birthday.....hard day to say the least....the day after his 1st anniversary......I was so angry at him...that I screamed at his picture for an hour and threw my wedding band at the picture of us together....I tried to put it back on the next day but it wasn't meant to be.......I have 3 of his wedding bands, 1 of mine and my engagement ring..all tied together in a safe.....what could I possibly do with all these rings...his are too big and heavy for me to wear...mind don't fit my right hand...I am at a loss ....if I went to a jeweler with all these rings I think he / she would think I was crazy...any idea..

Hi Markey....I;m not sure of what you mean by "On the contrary" I think what you did is wonderful...I;m just saying I have 5 rings...what could I possible have made for me ? 

LOL...I am also a type A...I do have a jeweler who sells only one of a kind jewelry....I have one of his bracelets...him and his designer are wonderful...I;m so so lost as to what to have made ..i'ts the 5 rings...and if I don't use all 5 to choose..mine are all platinum and diamonds ...Bill's are 2 gold and 1 I believe it's titanium...probably wrong on that...:)

You do have a wonderful sense of humor......I enjoy people who "get it"

Still catching up on the thread. I removed mine 2 weeks after my Shelly died. Put it on her necklace with her wedding and engagement rings.

Removing the ring was a visible sign to myself that my best friend has gone home to be with the Lord, and now I have to take care of the living. We have 3 kids, including a newborn. They need their daddy now.

I still reach and try to play with it, like I used to.

God bless you and send you peace.

I'm still wearing mine. My husband died 10 months ago. We were married for 50 years. I also still wear a necklace he gave me. It is a silver heart. One side has an etched headshot of the two of us. The other side has an etched inscription that reads: Charles and Patti in love. I expect to wear my ring and my necklace until the day I die.
Bob died 3 years ago and I have worn my wedding ring everyday. At home I kept our wedding rings in the same drawer. Last week I realized that I had put Bob's ring on instead of mine. Since then I have been wearing his ring. I feel happy wearing his ring.

I still wear a 'work' wedding band to work. I'm in a warehouse so it takes a beating. I sent our two original rings to a metal-smith and I'm have the two melted down and made into one ring.


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