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Our first Camp Widow East in Tampa, Florida will be here in just 4 months!  Are you planning to attend? Are you THINKING about attending?  Let's use this Forum discussion space to share the excitement. 

  • When are you arriving/departing? 
  • Want to coordinate rides from the airport?
  • Let's plan our Thursday evening Widville meetup.
  • Post your specific questions here ... and get answers!!


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I've registered and have my plane reservations.  See you there.

Yay PWW!  I look forward to seeing you again ... you were at Myrtle Beach this year, right?

I'm thinking of attending.  I'm a little nervous to go and be by myself.  However, some how I stumbled onto this site and to that conference and like what I keep reading.  Just nervous not knowing anyone.

Thank you

I know it's scary to come to something new where you don't know anyone. I felt the same way at my first camp. But I assure you those nerves will disappear the moment you meet your first camper. If you arrive Thursday afternoon I can include you in our volunteer group that gathers to stuff the tote bags. A great casual icebreaker. And then we'll head out to the Widowed Village meetup at the pool bar.  

Hi Diane,

I'd like to volunteer to help stuff the tote bags as long as it is after 1pm EST

We'll be in Meeting Rooms 5 & 6 at 2pm to get to work on the tote bags, folding/sorting the Store merchandise and a few other tasks.  Appreciate your help, Enlightened Widow.

People will make you feel very welcome. And you will get so much out of being around so many people that "get it."

Yes I was in Myrtle Beach. This will be my third. Looking forward to seeing you again Dianne.

I am in British Columbia and just found this site and camp widow. I am thinking of going to the one in Tampa and am wondering do most people stay at the Marriot where it is held? I am wondering about a less expensive hotel? What day do most people arrive?  Also wondered if anyone would be interested in doing a cruise from Florida before or after the camp?

Thanks, Joanne

Hi Joanne.  I'm sorry - I thought I had responded to your questions when you first posted ... but it's not here. Oops.  

Camp starts Friday morning. Many choose to arrive Thursday afternoon (we hold an informal Widowed Village meetup at the pool bar area at each camp so WVers can get acquainted before camp starts).  Some do choose to arrive on Friday, although you'll miss some of the morning sessions, depending on your arrival time.  There is a Friday night reception that you don't want to miss. It's informal and offers a great opportunity to get to know others. 

I think most stay at the host hotel - and you can ask for a roommate when you register to share the expenses - but it's not required that you stay there.  This is our first year in Tampa, so I'm not sure if there are less expensive hotels nearby. I will ask.

Joanne - I see you've cancelled your registration. Is everything ok?


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