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Have you registered?  Are you THINKING about attending?  Have questions?  Here's a place where we can share our travel plans, our fears, our questions - and get acquainted before we all land in San Diego August 11-13, 2017!

If you're on Facebook, be sure to "like" the Camp Widow page.  You'll find photos and good info there, too.

  • When are you arriving/departing? 
  • Want to coordinate rides from the airport?
  • Need to carpool?
  • Post your specific questions here ... and get answers!!

Here's a link to the Camp Widow web site:

On the fence about attending Camp?  Ask questions here and watch this video:  Finding Hope at Camp Widow

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Ok my conflict that week cleared up, so I will be going to my 5th Camp Widow.      If anyone needs a ride from the Los Angeles area, let me know.    I live near downtown LA.     I will be leaving late Thursday morning for San Diego, but I can adjust when I leave if anyone needs a ride.    Same thing with on the way back on Sunday.

Me! I'll be flying in from Australia so am arriving a couple of days early to get rid of jet-lag :)

My husband and I had just moved to Pennsylvania last year when he passed away very suddenly. I've still got all our belongings in our apartment there, and I'm on a return trip to pack everything up.

So looking forward to the Camp. Have heard so many good things about it.  I'll be staying at the Ramada in the Gaslamp district, if anyone happens to be around in that area let me know!

Hi Danielle,

I wanted to introduce myself  to you as I am originally from Australia (Newcastle, NSW) and this is the first Camp for me as well.  I will be in San Diego on Thursday morning and live in Southern California, so I could meet up with you if you would like to get together.   

My husband, Steve, also died very unexpectedly on November 23, 2016 and the following year, both our dogs passed away at 14 (they were our big wonderful kids and very spoiled).

Let me know if you would like to get together.

Hi Cathy,

Lovely to hear from you, sorry it has to be in these circumstances. Newcastle is a great spot in the world, I have a very good friend there.

Your message was a  light in a rather miserable day, I was having a shocker of a time today - the waves really catch you off guard sometimes right? - anyway I am SO glad I've booked the camp. Really looking forward to it,  and I think it would be great to catch up on the Thursday - let's do it!  I'll arrive on the Wednesday so I'll be around. Shall we PM (private message) to sort out details, swap numbers etc?



Hi Danielle,

I am so sorry that you are on this rollercoaster of emotions. It sucks. It is a struggle everyday not to get mad and cry over our losses. I feel that I grieve for the loss of my best friend, soulmate, and future of just growing old with the a man who could make me laugh so hard when I was just trying to be mad at him. He was my calming effect and the safe place in my my world. It took a life time to go through with the good and the bad, but we only grew stronger and he looked so sexy with the little wrinkles that started to appear around his laughing eyes. A year and a half is a minute moment of time compared to an existence without him. I feel that I am not sure how one ever moves forward. I move physically, but just not sure how one does it emotionally.

I think this site is a blessing because we can say just how we really feel without the looks, the "you can do it", or "you will get through it" speeches from well meaning friends. They don't realize that we won't get through it, we just learn to keep putting one foot in front of the other, cry when we least expect it, and get mad because we don't want any of this... The one thing that keeps me going is that when I really think of Steve and The Boyz that I feel a smile come on my face and can feel the love I got from them everyday. I find myself laughing when I think of the crazy things they would do. These help ease some of my sadness.

Sorry to be so wordy! I just meant to say "yes", lets private message. Not sure how you do it on this site. I will look when I get to my computer.

I hope you got some sleep (18 hours ahead or as I like remember it, 7 hours backwards and really tomorrow) and when you wake it is an easier day for you.

Warm love,


Hi Danielle,

I just sent a friends invitation to you and I think that we can email each other directly after you accept.  I hope that you are getting ready for your flight to the US and excited to go to Camp. Have a nice day today.

Warm love,


Hi Cathy,

Fantastic, thank you. I am SO glad I've booked the camp. October will be Mike's 40th birthday,, 17th November the 12month anniversary of his death - and I've just returned to my home country for the first time since he died, I think I am in danger of being swamped by the Grief Monster! So this camp is going to be perfect timing. I'm so looking forward to meeting you. Thank you for your last lovely message - you hit the nail on the head so many times - this journey is horrendous but we have to hang on to the good memories, find a moment to laugh every now and then - Mike would be so mad at me if he thought I was feeling too sorry for myself!

Will add you as a friend now so we can start planning for next Thursday :)



I signed up to have a roommate -- will I just meet her at the hotel or will we get names beforehand?  Also, I'll be checking in Thursday -- I think I read there's a sort of meet and greet Thursday evening?

There will be a meet and greet by the pool bar from 4:00 PM  - 7:00 PM and anyone who would like to join; some of us will be going on 
to dinner at Roy's Restaurant at the hotel.  Colleen - what time do you arrive on Thursday?

Looking forward to meeting you.

Much love,


I'm driving down from Ventura County Thursday late morning so I can drop off my kids at my parents' house for the weekend.  I will try to be at the hotel around 4, but it really depends on when my Mom gets home from work and how traffic south goes.

That sounds wonderful! Please count me in! Looking forward to the weekend!  


Dana does the roommate scheduling and I would think you'd have already heard from her.  Check your spam/junk folder and if it's not there, then send her an email:  [email protected]


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