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Have you registered?  Are you THINKING about attending?  Have questions?  Here's a place where we can share our travel plans, our fears, our questions - and get acquainted before we all land in San Diego August 11-13, 2017!

If you're on Facebook, be sure to "like" the Camp Widow page.  You'll find photos and good info there, too.

  • When are you arriving/departing? 
  • Want to coordinate rides from the airport?
  • Need to carpool?
  • Post your specific questions here ... and get answers!!

Here's a link to the Camp Widow web site:

On the fence about attending Camp?  Ask questions here and watch this video:  Finding Hope at Camp Widow

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The schedule for San Diego has posted on the web site.  Here's a link:

Saturday workshop details aren't yet posted; those usually come out a month or so before Camp, so it won't be long.

I fly out of Vegas Thursday night, arriving in San Diego 830pm. I leave Sunday at 2pm. I planned on doing Uber. This is my first camp and I am looking forward to the classes, comraderie and change in climate from the Desert! San Diego
Is such a great place. Ron and I spent time there too, dining at Coronado Island with his family. So many memories!
sometimes getting an Uber at the San Diego to pick you up on arrival can be problematic. (Uber is sometimes blocked from picking up at the airport) but, you'll be able to hail a taxi. Its easier to get an Uber from the hotel to the airport.
Anyway, so glad you're going to San Diego! You will really get a lot out of your camp widow experience!
Diane: this has changed. There is a designated pickup spot for uber and lyft in the long term parking lot at terminal 1 (across the sky bridge) and the departures walkway at terminal 2 (across the street and up stairs.) Hope this helps!
Thanks to you too! Im screenshotting
This so I make a note for myself. Thanks, ladies!
Thank you so much for telling me this!
I just saw your message! I will plan on
A taxi just in case! Thank you!!

I will be going, although haven't registered yet. I understand there is a discounted rate for members, but can't see where to take the discount when registering. Anyone figured that out yet?

Yes, the registration fee is $350 instead of $399 if you're a member of a group.  You'll see that option under the Payment Information section of the registration form. Just click on 'Group' and when you start to type in Widowed Village the box will automatically fill it in.


Thank you, by the way. Thought it, but never replied!

We hold an informal gathering at the pool bar on Thursday afternoon. It's a great way to meet others before things get busy on Friday. So if you're arriving on Thursday be sure to stop by any time between 4 and 6pm ... although you'll more than likely still find Campers in that area well into the evening.

I will be at Camp Widow in San Diego.  My 19 year old daughter is traveling with me; she is looking forward to some beach time.  We fly in from Sacramento on Thursday noon-ish and depart on Sunday afternoon.  We plan on taking a taxi to the hotel.  

I lost my husband of 22 years in January.  This will be my first Camp Widow.  I am looking forward to it, but I am sure it will be emotional and scary and wonderful and many other things.  

I hope to see some of you by the pool on Thursday evening!

I will be there.  I have signed up to be matched with a roommate -- when do we find out info on our roomie?  I am driving down from Ventura county Thursday, dropping off my kids at my parents' house (also in SD), and checking in to the hotel that afternoon, staying until Sunday.  It's my first year as a widow and so also my first year at camp.  Looking forward to it, but a little apprehensive, as well.

ETA: Just checked the schedule -- what's the dress attire for the ball?  Is it too late to sign up for the 5k?


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